Friday, October 31, 2014


Heaven forgives me, then heaven forgets me
Purely a pity play, heaven regrets me
Heaven stands waiting, but never grows clearer
Criteria fogged like a warm bathroom mirror
Hopes of my heaven, they slide off the bone
And they leave me exposed, I suppose I'll atone
I'm a spy on a mission, a task I'll be hiding
I shield it from me, too, like where I'm residing
I lived in heaven, or maybe I'm meant to
Or maybe I'm leaving, I'm broke and the rent's due
God said "I sent you", at least I get told so
Still without purpose, I keep getting old though
Heaven's a night club, closed ropes and bright signs
But they let us peek in, just to keep us in line


Friday, October 24, 2014

Wasted on the Young

I could be a pilot, if I would have learned to fly
Finally be the one who's glancing down
I could knock me up a peg, living in the sky
Seated up above an aging town
Transfer all my CDs back to tapes, where they belong
Time will shift the things we'd rather hold
Make myself so steady, never changing like a song
Decaying, but my thoughts are never old
I could function flawlessly if seconds lasted days
I would be a younger, stronger man
I could hold a candle to the sun and make some rays
I would keep my head firm in the sand
Maybe I could watch myself and study where I fail
Take some notes and type up a report
Send it in a letter, but nobody checks the mail
Keep it as a move of last resort


Monday, October 20, 2014

Whittle Me

I've got this mind to make, never a craftsman
I need to choose a face, not just be drafted
Whittle myself and just pray what's beneath
Is a bit more relaxed, no more gritting my teeth
Chasing contentment like waves chase the shore
A lake of resentment, so simple, so poor
So I'll pour what I think is a glass that's half nothing
I'll tell me it's full, I assume I'll be bluffing
I'll probably buy it and sell my conclusions
And fake what I see, I'll allude to illusions
And balance assessment of self on my head
Like a book full of stories I'll read til I'm dead
I'm a dragon who can't let my fire escape
So I'm burning, still smiling, no hero, all cape


Which Birth?

Born as a demon or maybe I grew here
I'm just a fixture, but I feel so new here
Somehow this mixture just left me in place
Looking for answers, this look on my face
Home is a mountain, I'm feeling displaced
I could draw up a map, but they all get erased
I could trace expectations, but those would be yours
I've my own innovations that I can ignore
I could live many lives before settling in
Or just sharpen my knives and keep peddling sin
I could make my decisions or buy them prepared
Fake that I'm living and die here so scared
Some faith in oxygen, hide all the rest
Replace what I need to live, die in my flesh
Take, I can't seem to give, poison the glass
Mix it with liquor and land on my ass


An Audience of None

Feed me some lies, I'll be passively snacking
At gun point (these spies), I just have to be lacking
I have to be less, though I've got to do more
I've a head that I battle, excuse me, it's war
I'm equipped to tread water, but never do swim
Two lungs on the verge, may they breathe on a whim
I could trim off the fat, if I just knew the difference
A story I'd tell, except I have to live it
Metaphors serve to just soften the blow
So I feast and I purge, but I can't often grow
And I speak, never heard, so no chance to bestow
For if nobody's watching, what good is the show?


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...