Monday, December 29, 2014

Carry This For Miles

My words of wisdom, they yearn to be sentences
Born of a hope, an ideal
My punctuation, a pointed ellipsis
Each point appointed to steal
Thieving away what time better spends doing
Pausing with purpose, alone
Ends are a stranger I have yet to meet
And my means have this old, meager home
I've got this dented container I carry
With cracked, jagged shards that throw light
Last it saw day when reflections were pleasant
And since knows perpetual night
I'm on the move, at least that's what I'm guessing
Investing in resting pays not
I'm in the mood to just carry my questions
No answers, no endings, no plot


Friday, December 26, 2014

I'm No Saint

I'm no saint, a sinner's past
A list of wrongs upon my cast
Something's broken, lost a fight
I've patched it up, claimed I'm alright
I'm not right, I've written so
I've learned to read these lines of woe
I only clean, I push the mop
Cuz I can't make the bleeding stop
Now I'm scribbling, void of sense
I'd make a point, but I'm too tense
I'd move a molehill, place to start
But never mountains, not a heart
Never wind, the air shoves me
And puts itself beneath my feet
For time so brief, I seem to fly
But impact waits to ground my high


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I've this perpetual pen in my head
And it ever is scribing what never is said
I'd be better at diving, asleep in my bed
Dreaming and striving where courage is fed
I'd be led to excuse myself, wake to some fact
It's been said I abuse myself, nothing in tact
Dead when I choose myself, brain neatly racked
Red, but I lose myself, spray painted black
Hang out or noose myself, sweet spot I'm missing
The ground in the middle, no ass am I kissing
No pile of pride but a confident stack
I've got miles to ride, it's the fuel that I lack
Step one is lifting a foot off the pavement
Sometimes standing still is a form of enslavement
But here I stand, waiting, expecting a ride
And I write about seeking, yet can't help but hide


Monday, December 15, 2014

4th Quarter (Obligatory Metaphor)

Head down, push forward
Keep searching for more words
A brain that keeps fading
I've less space to store words
Ignore all these poor words
I'm losing my rhythm
I've still got these demons
Just no hell to give 'em
But somehow I brew it
I bottle my passion
I drink the whole case
I've exceeded my rations
I'm thirsty, but slaking
I'm starving, yet baking
I'm growing my fruits
And they're ripe for the taking
Just gather ye rosebuds
The clock is so certain
You may see the light now
But time draws the curtain
And painting a picture
Is tough with no canvas
Especially so with no colors
Just blackness
But art is subjective
We see what we please
So I paint on my mirror
A scene to believe


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Maybe is a Nice Way to Say No (The Ride)

All my misgivings are given much air
All the doubt that I've bartered for seems less than fair
And I'm nothing at all if I'm not unprepared
Don't let the fog leak inside

All these subtractions just add up so fast
I stand divided inside of this cast
Multiply bits of faith that I housed in the past
Float on the whim of the tide

I sketch conclusions and roll them up neatly
Then tuck them away, yes I store them discreetly
Believing in nothing, and trusting completely
I'm just along for the ride


Monday, December 8, 2014

Unring the Bell

I am the weight of decisions I've fed
Let bleed the heart of me into the head
I am the task that I've taken up failing
Letters from places where no one is mailing
I am excuses I've drawn on this page
Locked as an image, a key for a cage
I have two lungs that I seem to have spoiled
Most awful noise, like I've never been oiled
I am quite taken by thoughts I keep stealing
Earning my own always feels unappealing
I have a mile that may be an inch
One step should expose it, it should be a cinch


Friday, December 5, 2014

Mind Your Me's & You's

I've half a mind to not mind what my mind does
And plenty of time, us thoughts hide, til they find us
Be one with my brain, or two eggs in two baskets
It's more like some thousands, much wicker to bask in
If all of my musings were fused into something
So massive and tragic, the weight of it crushing
The speed of it all like a train on the loose
I just bring up the rear, come in last, the caboose
I just wrestle my fear and my past, I'm too weak
So I swim in my thoughts where it's always too deep
And which lesson is taught? For I've learned them all twice
It's the one with no order, a shake of the dice
Holding this head with no patience to hear
And no plan to transition from seconds to years
If it seems like I focus on time way too much
That's because when thoughts break I use time as my crutch


Thursday, December 4, 2014


If I had some focus maybe I would write a novel
Not just pen these short and stocky poems
I would tell a slender tale of kings who I made grovel
Castles and their kingdoms made my home
I would blend my deficits with timeless story flow
Heroes and their knack for happy stops
I prefer not call them endings, stopping means I'll go
Hold me up, in case my phrasing drops

Maybe I'm the green on hills, no more than a face
Dirt does all the work but hides ashamed
I take all the credit, I'm the stars in outer space
Empty skies? I'm nowhere to be blamed
Substance is the solemn piece that every man requires
Shine is all you need to flash a smile
Introduce my insides quick and label me a liar
Most of us content to meet denial


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...