Saturday, January 31, 2015

For Now

Truth lives in jest and I yearn to be truthful
So that's why I joke about not feeling useful
Some mechanism that's been engineered
But in my own defense, it's defended for years
A personal guard, wait, that sounds like a prison
I'm starting to doubt what I've tried to envision
I think I'm assessing the health of decisions
No diagnosis, just homemade incisions
No worries, I've practiced and practiced for years
And I've only consumed about 3 or 8 beers
And my knife is as pure as the worst words I've said
I'm as steady as thoughts that just swirl in my head


Friday, January 30, 2015

More and/or Less

I've got more unfinished thoughts than complete ones
More partial lines than a script cut in half
Fewer exposed dreams than timid, discreet ones
Less sleeve for heart than a tank top would have
I've got more words than a Scrabble board knows
More combinations than two schools of lockers
I'm much less likely to show you what grows
A lesson in less, blossom less of a talker
I've got more worries than parents on prom night
And more time to properly fatten them up
Less is not more, lest you've more than you give sight
And gallons in waiting when empty your cup


Thursday, January 29, 2015

As the Sky Sees Fit

Why do these stars seem to fall all around me?
Bows on a violin, smooth
See how they land, so strategic? Surround me
A map to the fountain of truth
I've wasted youth by just gathering age
Paging through days with such speed
I've made some moves, and let others make me
And I always forget what I read
Piling books, just like stacking the stars
It's as fruitless as planting the peel
Cracking eggs open and touching the yolk
My friend, that's when you learn how they feel


Freedom of Voice

Going next level, let me level it out
Sit, stew and revel, when the devil is out
Best getting better, open letter to doubt
Living with baggage, but I travel without
Get cool, chilling, not spilling the woes
My cup runneth, but it's frozen, exposed
Plain as the face that's holding the nose
Pain is a space where everything goes
Something smells shady, step into the light
Daytime, brighter, but I thrive in the night
Eyes closed, swinging, like I'm trying to fight
My flow is dripping, but a flood is in sight
Lock it in my safe, safe word, push through
Stopping not an option, brake pedal is glued
Gray sky deposit, withdrawing the blue
Confident and cocky, I don't mean to be rude
Make new a choice, no holding the dead
Break through, a voice, I'll be shouting instead
Call me fucking crazy, but believe what I said
I can rise above it just by raising my head


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Straighten the story, just like perfect posture
Pretend I belong here (I'm such an impostor)
A watcher, a waiter, a turner of gears
Sometimes the places we love disappear
Progress is not always some throbbing movement
Reflections can change, I've a mirror that proves it
The marching stays steady, it's not democratic
Everyone's fighting to break through the static
But something worth watching, a channel worth swimming
A story so rich that it won't allow skimming
A page you turn slowly, for proper respect
An altar so worthy, your heart genuflects
A collection of treasures that time cannot find
It's an art, not a science, to rest in a mind


Monday, January 26, 2015

Point A to Point Be

Plea with your genius
Harbor some code
Hide expectations
Swallow some road
Flea from the madness
Match up the mess
Incubate habits
Patch up the rest
Fact check your wonder
Tuck your surprise
Eat all your thunder
Starving your eyes
Feast on constriction
Ration the whole
Flirt with eviction
Refashion the soul



Clarify something, like sun breaking cloud
Quiet my head, so my heart can be loud
Peace be a present I'm present to take
Wish coming true, smoking candles on cake
Tell me the future, I won't tell a soul
Tongue behind teeth like it can't pay a toll
Show me this tunnel still meets up with light
And that dawn is still waiting to beat up the night
Prove to me something I merely suspect
I've gathered some evidence, more to collect
I'm not quite ready to make my arrest
Unless someone has proof that the suspect confessed
Toss me a rope, and then pull me to shore
Kicking and screaming is hard to ignore
I'm treading water though, nothing elaborate
Rescued in time, when the schedule has it
All that I ask is you tell me the odds
I'll act surprised when there's some act of God
I feel like this book has some rules I can bend
Let me page through it and start with the end


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mass the Time

Sometimes the clock is a villain.
Sometimes the days are too long.
Seconds can make like they're hours.
Hours to write all my wrongs.
Sometimes a pause waits for playing.
Sometimes it turns to a stop.
Skipping ahead, not allowed here.
Order of scenes not to swap.
Sometimes I feel I'm so patient.
Sometimes I nervously wait.
I need faith most when I'm faithless.
Light needs a dark to negate.
Sometimes I think I know best case.
Sometimes I think I can't think.
Time is a chain that I'm wrapped in.
One never missing a link.


Friday, January 23, 2015

I Can't Recall

Somehow, my lungs can't recall how to breathe
And my veins pump some blood, but I can't seem to bleed
I should trickle out something to see if it's me
I've a stranger inside, I'm a cage, never free
So I paste me to shadows I think still exist
And I staple a prayer to the skin on my wrist
Well, I call it a prayer, but it's more like a list
One that's burning for check marks, but never been kissed
I'm sure you get the gist, let me not be a whiner
I'd love to lay back and relax, a recliner
I'd love to dig deep and find treasure, a miner
Just want to be better than fine, maybe finer


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(No) Rhyme, (No) Reason

My words all sound the same
    Recycled, at best
Tired, but still writing...
As if I expect to decode some truth from the remaining white space on the page
I am a hopeless pragmatic (these days)
I am the result of some choices
    Some mine, some not
        Some days are better than others
I am the melted version of a candle that once threw light effortlessly
    Older walls caught it
I am a stack of books I'll probably never read
    Who has the time?
I am a broken clock
    Right twice a day, but too quiet to say so
I am a sleeping dog
    No bark, no bite, let me lie
I am some ink that is spilled for a purpose
    Long forgotten before I get the chance to dry


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Chest Marks the Spot

Grab my attention, the slam of a door
Man-made invention, the drink that I pour
Store my ambitions, they hide like a treasure
Buried in sand as an on-demand pleasure
Gotta be deep like I'm over my head
Trying to sleep, my brain's heavy in bed
Pleased with my pillow, it handles the weight
Faith bought and paid for, the price of my fate
Censorship standing, glance over my shoulder
Hiding my paper as each word gets bolder
My only enemy, spy like a drone
Ever in mirrors, I'm never alone
I'm my own worst, I'm sure you know the rest
In my own skin since this heart filled my chest
Where to begin? I've already begun
Chest marks the spot and I'm ready with puns
Joke to avoid what I know isn't funny
Clear the smoke, fire stays, that's the smart money
If I were a man who was placing some bets
You can bet if I lost I would lose my regrets
But instead I stay put and let risk force my hand
Find me a stick... draw an "X" in the sand


Friday, January 16, 2015


Been picked first like gym class lore
Couldn't stop from keeping score
Trusted like a father's hands
Been let go and left to land
Labeled like I'm fit to sell
Waded through the slowest hell
Taught to climb, but not to fall
Fought a mind and stood real tall
Asked a question, didn't seek
Closed my eyes but had to peek
Watched a blueprint break the ground
Sometimes walls come tumbling down
Made a mountain, left it still
Came right back to find a hill
Hard to break me, iron hand
Punches taken, here I stand


Vying in Weight (Startle Me, Heavens)

Startle me, heavens
I'm void of conclusions
I'm absent, like I'm skipping class
Pardon me, heavens
I'm through with intrusions
Delusions keep growing in mass
Unsettle me, heavens
I'm stagnant, I'm bolted
A prison that rests on my neck
Pedal me, heavens
And fill me with voltage
Shock me with some self-respect


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hi, Noon

Never been to Texas, but if everything is bigger there
Then maybe I could lasso me a little extra vigor there
But I might have to keep my finger right next to my trigger there
Figures never lie, but I'm sure liars like to figure there
And sometimes there's a shootout miles north of where I'm not
Keep an empty holster, partner, words are all I got
But I would like to reason that my pen still packs a wallop
Horseless, but I'm moving still, a strong and steady gallop
Making those who would oppose start reaching for the sky
But that is just the Texas me, who lives just in my mind
Tip my hat to any man who speaks just what he means
Chasing after sunsets, while the credits fill the screen


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cup of Cold Coffee

Days have a patience that never was mine
I've a cup of cold coffee that I wish were wine
I would like to believe me a hero, if needed
That my moral compass points north, unimpeded
But I've since conceded, they're pinning no medals
No raising of hand so the cheering all settles
Instead I sit simply, in passive agreement
I stand when I'm asked to, a pledge of allegiance
Hands wrapped around this cool cup that I brewed
Heat has left quietly, won't be renewed
Somehow this quiet me surfaced, I'm floating
Conclusion still pending, for now it's worth noting
That I prefer coffee much warmer than this is
But life, a collection of hits and of misses
Maybe it's cold now, my coffee diminished
At least I'm not one to let things go unfinis


Only In Dreams

Morning, it seems, just forgets to remind me
That all the night's dreams have been left there behind me
And all that I saw with my eyelids closed tightly
Are mine only when I can dream of them (nightly)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pray It Forward

Do right by bygones, but dream hard for better
Pray it all forward and strangle your debtors
Hold my words tightly, I've faith in these letters
Complacency seeks to destroy you, don't let her
And reaching serves purpose if grabbing comes true
Just like gazing to heavens when sun splashes blue
But when gray skies rain down with a soul overdue
Then I feel like I'm owed a solution or two
The pollution that grew, it's the reason I write
And the calendar, pointless, each season a fight
So I fully expect that I'll soon see the light
But what type of God makes you beg every night?


Monday, January 12, 2015

My Vote Is For Sale

Waiting forever to appease improvement
Hating all this weather, so I freeze my movement
Whether or not you can stop this train
I'll need to get off so I can drop this brain
Deliver me somewhere, deliver me from me
Never let me run there, never set me free
Keep me at a distance and out of my vision
I give you the green light to make my decisions
Choose wisely, please, if you've got the time
If not, then a flip of the coin should be fine
Setting the stage for some pouring, it seems
Take just what I'm handed, ignoring these dreams
Far too busy abhorring these scenes
Praying that the ends can escape my means
Making sure the hands that escape my pockets
Know just enough to stay outta the socket


Friday, January 9, 2015

Eleven Fifty-Nine

Set my sights on midnight, where the clock concedes and quits
Finish line becomes beginning, past and future sit
Either side of something fast, a fleeting flower blooms
And wilts as quickly as it opens, destiny is doom
Label it a waste of waiting, view it as you please
But I prefer to keep the thought, not need the eyes to see
Beauty lies inside the fact that new leans on the old
Endings and beginnings have a moment they both hold


Cross My Arms, Hope To Fly

Let's pool some thoughts
Anyone can chip in
I'll plant a seed
On the head of a pin
Too small for sight
But a presence still real
Eyes have no clue
But a heart can still feel
Let's take a walk
Where the water meets sand
Symmetry gone
But my seed still in hand
Holding the pool
That the skies cannot spot
Holding my breath
If I'm swimming or not


To Do

The list of those who I've let down must include my name
The gist of prose I'm writing now, I trust, to sort my shame
Life, a tapestry of poems, the tragic kind, I think
Spite, a magic bean that grows, I'll plant it in this ink
I shouldn't climb, but here I am, reaching for a cloud
Hating time, since not sure when, I never dream out loud
The monologue inside my head, debating maps with me
This ancient fog and where I'm led, creating paths to free


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

But I Digress...

I'm sure my edges are rough, let me find them
Where do I stop or begin?
I'm just a dinner plate waiting for washing
Expecting I'll serve once again
You can't mistake me, well not quite like I can
I've got it all figured out
You can't debate me when I believe nothing
I've found a truth in my doubt
The old man I want to be wants me to smile
I wish he'd give me the cause
Someone I'm scared to be watches a while
And leaves without making applause


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sleeping With Purpose

Startled awake by this heart I keep, pounding
Time I spend sorting these sheep for the counting
Pause with the goal of unpausing at dawn
A contractual clause to greet day with a yawn
Evening means something, at least I assume
I'm a battery drained, this compartment my tomb
I'm a hook, a refrain, I'm with no variation
Employed to repeat myself, I'm replication
Employed to repeat myself, I'm replication
(I'd say it a third time with no hesitation)
So still in my casket, with no visitation
An empty moon moving with no restoration
And no information exchanged as I write
It's a single ship passing by nothing at night
The waves are so small that I might be on land
And these dreams, they hear nothing, despite my demands


The Wax We Make

Give me some music not yet with a memory
Let my heart listen unspoiled
Growing, a movement, a reach for some destiny
All the best plans end up foiled
Give me what taking needs, something to struggle for
Something I'll give a close eye
I'll take a mutiny, something I can't ignore
Something that's always close by
Give me the solitude, please let me find me
Searching is making me weak
Reason with my mistakes, seated behind me
The story they tell is quite bleak
I can look back or ahead, as I sit
I had best not miss my turn
Life is a candle, and my way stays lit
See as much as I can while it burns


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...