Monday, March 30, 2015

Darker is to Deeper as Dreaming is to Sleeper

Puddle my thoughts
      No, on second thought, pool them
Wade in and sink
      In an effort to fool them
Wade in the ink
      With a plot to explain
When the phrases find walls
      An unwashable stain
The more I imagine
      The more I believe
The higher the fall
      I'm the northernmost leaves
And a mission accomplished
      Just signals the start
Never rest for the dreamer
      Who's got beating heart


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Neighborhood Botch

Reading ain't believing (if you trust in what I write)
Seeing is so limited to what's within my sight
The skyline's always watching, child peeking through his hands
Beg him not to notice that for which I claim to stand
    Lost like ashes in the sand, a solid, cheap disguise
    All so fucking grand, and it's right before my eyes
Reading ain't believing (don't you ever blame the pen)
Solitude's a monster that defeats the strongest men
Scratching on a tablet like a cat behind a door
No one on the other side, you're sure to be ignored
    So implore me to mistake me for a moon that really shines
    A light that throws and doesn't catch, a straight and steady spine


Friday, March 27, 2015

Glacial Shift

I've got half a mind, my paradigm is worth 10 cents
Quarter me, so orderly, I've gotten too intense
Let's rub off on those around us, change who they become
Slow and steady process, many pieces make the sum
Pluto fought so many years and never lapped the sun
Planetary status leaves before our work is done
Make your hay while day is here, your pupil has its ends
Too far away to light my way, the rays, they cannot bend
Mend my heart, just church me up, and send me on my way
Fend the part of everyone, the part that rarely stays
The child is a motorcade, red carpet for their faith
The cars all crash, just one by one, the world a meadowed space
And hunters' eyes are keen and sharp, despite the target's run
Unless your head is buried deep, you likely lose to gun
So I'm an old piano song that rings in cheap hotels
Pushing notes to give hellos and then to take farewells


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pillows or Time Always Hurries

Everyone should have a pillow
Something to clutch when need be
I should have roots I can turn to
Instead I'm as stiff as a tree
Crying wolf can be a must do
Just to pry eyes from the flock
So many sheep we can run to
But never as fast as the clock
I've had to face a few truths here
I've had to learn a few facts
I'm just a hunter of conquest
I'm just a wood-seeking axe
I've just a few hollow burdens
Surely no prize in the scheme
But I wish I had that old pillow
So I could appropriately dream
I wish my bed was a river
I wish the scenery grew
I'd kill to dig a new tunnel
Just big enough to fit through
Capital letters hold meaning
But i do not always agree
Just hold my head for the moment
Pillow my old brain's debris


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chasing Dusk

Next rest stop will be a while, I suggest a snooze
Paint the skies with pink and somehow cover up the blues
Stylistically, I'm simple, I think content's more my bag
Push and pull my will, accept that won'ts can be a drag
Consciousness is attitude, pretend that I'm awake
Elongate my latitude and float across this lake
North and south my freedom runs, I'm not too far to see
The old man standing by to die is anyone but me


Monday, March 23, 2015

I'd Love to Meet Me

So many words and the lot of them coded
I'd hate to misfire, yes this thing is loaded
Corroded as my sentiments have become
I keep moving the muscle so it won't go numb
And I'm down to dumbest, let's smarten it up
Let us mix a concoction, and each have a cup
Let us find when the split made me plural, a pair
When the parts of my spirit forgot how to share
When I pushed this to here, and forgot how to pull it
My words became arrows and each glance a bullet
My weapons were left in the field where I battled
Good luck finding some of my cage yet unrattled
And picking this lock is a task, but I'll make it
To steal away chance, I must choose first to take it
I'll wake to find fact, for my sleeping just lies
The mistake that I made was in hiding my eyes



Be a stranger, talk it through
Some brand new canopies
River's edge, a burdened rest
In beds that don't appease
Synergy, a lofty goal
Like ice that keeps the spoon
If I'm to aim my energies
I'm best to shoot the moon
Never and forever are the same
Two kindred strays
Build a box to hold them
But the box will rot away
Find a home and pause for life
Our days are in the hurt
Fill the soul while beating heart
Has not yet turned to dirt


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ignorant Me

That was two cars ago, actually three
That was a different man, ignorant me
That was some moons ago, I was a dream
Back when I boiled, when I made some steam
That was when ages had yet to be born
Way before wrinkles would make me look worn
Back when the stars were a diary, deep
And they held every story I told in my sleep
Once, when my pen wasn't digital yet
And l knew fewer days I could learn to regret
When the chains born around me still let me be free
When the mirror displayed a young, ignorant me


Friday, March 20, 2015


Some things you carry just like they're your bones
Binging on breaths with no say
Followed so closely like footprints and shadows
Nighttime sky chasing the day
Sometimes you speak like you're reading a script
Monologue taped in your brain
Permanent like a tattoo that you hate
Wearing white, slave to the stain
Victory never is quite so immovable
Transient, drifter, a jet
You're just a tourist, a camera and map
Photograph so you never forget
Some make the ocean from smallest of puddles
Their thirst for great joy remains slaked
At very least, they live life with more pleasure
Than those who make puddles of lakes


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Face to (Same) Face

Pacing salesman waits to take my pockets at their word
Sometimes souls can write a check that they have yet to earn
Monitor my steadfast hand and hope the tales are true
This eyeball of this needle is a fast place to slip through
The glow that we all claim to see, the beat we know by heart
I'm always slow to pick my teams, but I know who will start
Dreary mountains crumble and more sun is shining through
I'll be fashioned to horizons that remind me to be new


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Up a Notch

My petulance is wasted on when I am at my worst
I can't sulk and keep my wits, the bad one always first
I forgive when I remember I should just forget
But I recall my frequent falls, I wear the shoe that fits
I love like a ticking bomb, intense and poised to burst
But I live like a voodoo doll, I'm pierced and deeply cursed
So take the train that doesn't know where it's about to stop
But let me be the picture that you snap and never crop
We should travel loving the disasters, here, unplanned
Supply ourselves but just enough to keep pace with demand
Turn some simple phrases while we keep straight on the path
Lose a couple never haves and keep track of the math
I'm not divided, standing house, a hammer on my plate
One use is destruction, but it's also to create
Channel the potential if that station is tuned in
Jarring stops would seem to me a fine place to begin


Saturday, March 14, 2015

When All Else is Quiet

I don't feel grounded, don't mean kids in trouble
I mean these roots in the ground, I'm like rubble
I mean connections, I'm talking an anchor
Deposit goodwill in my brain like a banker
Cause I need to know I can stand when things crumble
Right now I'm like two notches right below humble
Taking a step sounds like something I'd do
If I had what I needed I'd probably take two
I could take what I knew, I just seem to forget
I mistake simple truth with my list of regrets
Remember when all else is quiet, sounds perfect
But solitude scares me, it just isn't worth it
Some things are worthless, disguised like they're gold
Glitter not always a sight to behold
Someone appraise me, impartial assessment
And once you can gauge me withdraw your investment


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dust to Dust

Not quite as destitute as I'd believe
I'm rich in things such as heart, and some sleeve
Reaffirmation would leave like the rain
Here to feed life, then it's gone, like it came
Won't practice all the self-pardons I preach
Unattainable peaks that I never will reach
I can teach, but to do, that's a beast I don't know
I've a beach in my head where I hide from the snow
I can show you the sand, let it cover your toes
Let the waves pull you down where they want you to go
A persuadable man with a ballot in hand
An invadable land with a list of demands
I should stick to my guns, for I'll soon need to shoot
Words don't stick to my tongue, silence doesn't compute
And the truth should be fine, you can't handle the lies
I've a bag of hellos and a couple goodbyes


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Closed for Renovations

Why do my senses search memory's grave
Stealing away with those resting in time
How can I gather these rosebuds I live for
When dying would push me to pull what's behind
Where can I fall when I've stood all I can
When I'm hanging my senses to breathe in the sky
I'm but a corner observing a room
I'm the room, but a bystander standing nearby
How do we swallow the bitter conclusions
The medicine aching to mask like a pill
Painstaking potion, a capsule awaits me
Inflates me, believing I grieve what I've killed
Saddle and gallop but let the reins fall
Allow them the freedom to land where they may
Sunsets, horizons, and hidden adventures
Will leave unless someone requests that they stay


Monday, March 9, 2015

Then & Now & Then

I used to feel like a brand name
What a generic mistake
I believed me an oasis
Just a mirage, I'm a fake
I was a continent, solid
Now I'm an island, so small
Slouching, my go-to position
I once was a giant, so tall
But I still believe that my label
Should garner the highest of fees
I can slake thirst, I can nurture
Find me a pool neath the trees
I'm still a mass, I'm a mountain
Stable, with roots to compete
I'm still correcting my posture
Head high and strong, planted feet


Friday, March 6, 2015

I Knew a Morning

I knew a morning
I woke slow to greet it
Now I'm in mourning
I'll never repeat it
I felt a sunshine
As warm as I've known
And I moved to the front line
To touch the unknown
I grew a smile
The kind you can't stop
And it lingered a while
Not willing to drop
Sheer possibility
Cradled my hand
I followed willingly
Silent command
I knew the night
Had a plan to erase
Everything bright
The sun splashed on my face
But the thing about mornings
They never do last
They die without warning
And live in the past
Despite every dawn
Floating slowly away
You've a fresh sun and yawn
That awaits you each day


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Penance and posture, like wind through my wings
Seated imposter, rescinding some things
Wrestle inclusively, hearts that can bear
I've found an exclusive me, parts I can't share
I can stare at the skies, but the stars never move
And I've only two eyes, with no might to improve
I can whisper to wars that I haven't yet fought
I can bribe for my discharge, my freedom is bought
And I know my standing, I know where I sit
Yes, I know well enough to resist just a bit
The point that I'm making is lost in these letters
The bad parts of me keep accosting the better
The fetters that bind me, the need for devine
My release from this average existence of mine
The knees that I place on the ground to atone
And the shoulders that carry the weight of my bones
The deception that rests in a comfortable bed
That the rest of my day will relax in its stead
That the darkness exists to replenish, and rest me
That it won't return to incessantly test me
That I can't be touched by a brain that goes walking
And this feisty heart that does all of the talking


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Trust in Chariots

Some trust in chariots, I've been among them
They sing songs of self, I've regrettably sung them
I've stood quite firmly on gratification
And waded in pools filled with anticipation
But peace has eluded me, crimes of no action
Whole numbers taunted me, living in fractions
Plans hatched of passion, not rooted in truth
And my ache for refinement would bow to uncouth
As I sit in a chair made to quite slowly pain me
An off-center portrait, I yearn to reframe me
I've come with my trust, it's a gift for the giving
Receiver is picked by my manner of living


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...