Thursday, April 30, 2015

Butterfly Punches

Butterfly punches and kiss-me-goodbyes
If looks could recolor these black and blue eyes
Then my visceral mouth would be properly hushed
And my manner of living would not feel so rushed
Beds made for lying, or telling the truth
Confessing your sins and then yelling the proof
Regretting the poison that falls to your gut
But the hour is late, like these ifs, ands, and buts
And a motive is second to what you do next
Like your heartstrings outrank this ridiculous text
And a word is a word whether spoken or penned
But if absent an action, that word quickly ends
For it's only the champion, medal and laud
Who can muster the need for the crowd to applaud
And the sidelines are filled with the mildly tough
Who gave all that they had, but could not give enough


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Now You See Me, Now You Do

I'm so percentage based, most of me knows it
Forty-nine hasn't a clue
I'm like the weatherman, grasping at straws
Projecting the grays and the blues
I'm such a separatist, not how you think though
Just me seceding from me
Give me some airtime to argue my points
About why both of me should be free
I'm like bad posture, this ache in my neck
Loathing the fact I'm to blame
I've just been sitting here, waiting for hours
The other me just never came
I'm so intriguing, I'm simple and rooted
I'm just a tree with no leaves
Most of me knows that I'll not soon show blossoms
The rest of me always believes


Monday, April 27, 2015


I used to like me, I dare say respect
What since has happened, I dare not inspect
Write, no more speaking, too scared to inflect
     This is my medium now



Please let rebellion become native tongue
For complacency stings, I'd prefer not be stung
I'd prefer do the stinging, the ringing of fate
Like a thousand small bells, they all build to relate
For the ting of just one does no climbing at all
But fair unity's song will assemble a wall
And build mightiest towers, rebellion, in clouds
Circling voices and storming so loud
In the spirit of thunder, I'm under the boom
Engaging in stages, or resting in tombs
I've a thirst for rebellion, it lives in my soul
And a hunger for change, in exchange for a toll
The result that I'm sowing, the cost for the ready
Balance myself? Sometimes life is too heavy
But feed my rebellion, just nurture and grow it
If ever I'm still, I'm just one worthless poet


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good Old Days

Please take me back to blink-182
Times when my worries were no more than few
Cigarette lit and the sun here to see me
Free from the bullshit and just loved to be me
Take me right back to the late nights and 2Pac
Wood-tip cigars and the car doors that won't lock
12 packs and bottles, with nowhere to be
Sleeping til noon because sleeping is free
Please take me right back to Taking Back Sunday
Casinos and keg stands, and so many fun days
Sport coats and blue jeans, and nights full of laughter
Staying til bar time and partying after
Take me right back to the old Kanye West
House parties, basements, and no need for rest
I can love now and still miss me some then
Just take me back, let me live it again


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I take some pride
In the bags neath my eyes
Scars that I've found
All the failed tries
I take some solace
In shoestrings united
Stains on my shirt
Gray hairs un-dyed
I take some comfort
In musings un-mused
Trains I let leave
Tickets unused
I gather peace
From what I can't un-see
Obstacles joining
Resulting in me


Seek & Find

I was still a stranger, back when time had yet to start
Shaking hands and kissing babies, searching for a heart
Starving was a way of life that I had grown to need
      Simple is the man who has to bleed
Ask myself a census worth of questions til I die
Modern wings won't save a man who never learned to fly
And if you like a puzzle, you should stop and have a stare
      Maybe bring your own supply of air
I feel like the typo that I wish I hadn't caught
I pressed send, so confident, see only what I sought
Everyone's a critic, til their film is on the screen
      Sometimes we all need a new routine


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Taming of the Me

Even echoes need to learn when comes the time to hush
Time I take is given back in moments I am rushed
Few and far between would be a goal, if one were set
But I'm not one for wishing wells, I'm deep enough in debt
I invest in sleepless nights, at least I know the cost
Sure I'll see the benefits in days I would've lost
Spending time means earnings slow and I'm a silver scrap
Cold as gold without a pocket, compass minus map
I'm a mountain, unexplored, a cave with caverns new
I'm a pardon unimplored, a grave... one buried shoe
I'm a stage, a broken leg, an actor with a plan
I'm a settled storm, I raged, and now I'm just a man


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Downward Mobility

I inhale air from a town laced with memories
How can a soul soon forget?
Barter for blood to find way to extremities
Heart that won't pump, only sweat
Tattooed with something, my ink infused skull
Sounds that still ring in my ear
Still feel the push of these times that I pull
No regard for the calendar's year
Purposes serve that which serves me no purpose
Static and stuck where I stand
Flying is truly sublime, til your worth is
Defined by the place where you land
Even as vagrant as thoughts often are
Some will return and take root
The older I get, though, and coming so far
I grow tired from such a commute


Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Picked One Hell of a Decade to Quit Smoking

I feel like I'm made of only Achilles
Nothing but tendon to tear
I'm in one piece when the waters are calm
Friend when the weather is fair
Soon as the seas get a little too wavy
I've got a white flag to wave
I've some good times all in need of a stitch
I've more than nine I need save
Young and so foolish, I was at my peak
Words had no pulpit to claim
Actions just shouted, spontaneous me
Known by my deeds, not a name
Now I hold labels like labels have meaning
Credentials are nothing but ink
Anchors are nothing but hassle and weight
Til the anchor has somewhere to sink


Longer Titles Always Have More Meaning

I don't always have to be a pessimist, but hey
Half empty decisions and it seems my choice is made
Sew the seams with older dreams, patching is the task
Wish to see a lighter side, but you have yet to ask
Stand a chance, have a seat, give your bones a rest
Tell a joke you've laced with truth, I'm always one for jest
Bested by a recollection, I did all I could
I've been told that wasn't so, my great was less than good
Either way, it matters not, the winters come and go
Here I sit, no path to fly, and jealous of the crow


coup d'├ętat

So undetected, injected with thought
So far dejected, reflect what I ought
Taught to be humble, but crumbling? No
Always keep moving though stumbling grows
Defeated this once, so why not once again?
Created beginnings from rubble of ends
I inflated my winnings despite so much loss
I created a bridge and I ran right across
I pulled shrapnel from skin and I bandaged me tight
I made purposeful days grow from cold, empty nights
I found matter to fill every hollow expanse
And I turned the adverse to the will to advance
I remembered that things might not be what they seem
The impossible waits to join possible's team



Some of my lines are now ashes
Some of my soul went away
I've got a pinch of allusion
Hinting at things I don't say
I'm just so censored, it's sickening
I used to speak as I pleased
I used to stand so much taller
I've since been cut at the knees
I've got some fight, or I hope so
I've got a punch yet to throw
I've got some flight left to fly though
I've got some teeth I can show
My first mistake... no idea
I've no clue where I went wrong
My ears would need not a melody
If I'd a heart still with song


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I feel this burden
Pulls at my very being
Every. Single. Day.


The Hole

Spatially ambiguous
Something doesn't fit
In a hole too deep to fill
And I'm so full of shit
Diamond eyes I thought were mine
Nothing of a shine
Mined for days with nothing found
Except an aching spine
Cower down, no glancing up
Dig and dig some more
Lose more every shovel plunge
But no one's keeping score
Holing up, remembering
That which filled this space
Speaking practically, it seems
It's proof God won't show face
You get erased when sentenced
An ellipsis missing two
Period been placed down here
With no intent to move.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I am invaded here
Culprit is known
Dreams with an iron grip
Sinking like stone
Nighttime is battlefield
Evening the worst
Dreams won't abandon me
Seems like I'm cursed
Why do they follow me?
When will they leave?
Dreams of a bitter rest
Waking to grieve
Cannons that never burst
Nothing at bay
Dreams linger greedily
Staining my days


Monday, April 13, 2015

Save Glory

Let me go out in a blaze of substandard
Save glory for those in the throes
Don't read my lips as I speak between lines
Written in tongues, mouth is closed
I've got some demons, I pedal them quietly
Keep them in darkness of night
Just as the air wanders past prying eyes
All my struggles are kept out of sight



I trust in nothing but oxygen's purpose
Not breathing, but feeding the flame
Stretches of cold make the skin grow resentful
A chest full of fire and shame
Younger men sleep like a bur on a shoe
Still, yet along for the ride
My slumber's more of a hindrance, it seems
Just a long jagged thorn in the side
Silence is deafening, brain always screaming
Freeze me and please let me be
Rummage through bins of old minutes I've used
Appease and go searching with me
Maybe some seconds have yet to be lived
Squeeze a few drops to reuse
Barter with God to feel warmth like I once did
Thus far it seems he's refused


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Woe is He

I've got an ache and a pen
I've got an ache and a pen!
No more I'll need
To poetically bleed
For I've got an ache and a pen

I'm just the ghost of a dream
I'm just the ghost of a dream!
Simple and plain
I'm a track without train
For I'm just the ghost of a dream


The Cave

Down near the foot of my questions
Right past the end of my rope
Oxygen there barely lingers
Slippery, steep is the slope
Adages ache to belong there
Idioms manage the space
Lips have a single position
Words have the most solemn face
Sunken are pits inside stomachs
Twisted are knots round the heart
Destiny sits on a mantle
Slain and displayed there as art
Dripping sounds fill out the cavern
Barren and damp become one
Set deep in stone, my conclusions
Never to rise, like the sun


Clutching Appearances

Miles to where I shouldn't be
Inches on a map
I'm so hypothetical, I think
Let's just say I cleared my brain
Naked page of white
First to show up gets to spill their ink
Weaker than I used to be
Sleeping giant waits
Not as tall as I would like to dream
Sit beside a fairy tale
Dropping all my eaves
Nothing if I'm not more than I seem


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Down to Sleep

I pray to understand why I'm still praying
So many dragons exist that need slaying
And if this is truly the best way to break them
Forgive me for making a crucial mistake then
I don't fold my hands quite as often these days
And I'm not one for obvious public displays
I just scribble a list and touch base on occasion
Preparing myself for the likely invasion
While my contemplation is constantly moving
The glances I feel are just so disapproving
Perhaps that's the fuel that this fire desires
Plans laid in faith feel like plans they conspired
I'm so very tired, I'd pray for some strength
But I'm way too exhausted to pray at great length


Moonlight, Moonshine & Shooting the Moon

Secrets are hidden in darkness
Darkness is not where they die
That which is done in the moonlight
Shines in a much brighter sky
On with the simple deductions
Pry at the books as they close
Anchor yourself in conclusion
Always been one to suppose
Covers are made to give clues
Clues have a path they reveal
Dots to connect, constellations
Dealers don't listen, they deal
Numb yourself, just as directed
Read any label you please
I'd advise me just to float here
Mercy of waves and the breeze
Sadly, it's still in this bottle
Equally calm in my glass
Raising a sail serves no purpose
Sinking achieves just as fast
Pity has some disposition
Party of one with no pause
Multiply every decision
Entering minus just cause
Still, I've direction to target
Lest I should shoot without thought
Steady my hands on a trigger
Sober, conviction in shot
Nothing celestial, focus
All of these boxes to check
Living on earth is the challenge
World is reduced to a speck
Purpose, the beast I've to capture
No feat in pointing up high
Shooting, the what, is so simple
The challenge is answering why


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shields Aren't Only for Warriors

Secondhand pardons, can't pardon myself
Deflecting emotional/physical health
I find myself clanging like dinnertime bells
And wondering what if my everything fell
What if the ceilings all met with the floors
And I lay here between them with tables and doors
Picking my pocket won't get you much better
Than odd combinations of insecure letters
But I live in two worlds, I'm straddling borders
Words mean so little if absent their order
I'm simply a hoarder of worries and whys
Soaking reflections of waterproof skies
Windows and walls that have noble intentions
Self-imposed limits transcending dimensions
I'm just an invention in need of repair
Like a railing that hovers above broken stairs
Or a screen door split open, a crack in the shield
Let me steer clear of battle til everything's healed


Saturday, April 4, 2015

As the Breeze

I live near grass that holds so many steps
Air rich in giggles and sun dipping west
I have a memory, not in my head,
But inside that which beats in my chest

I know the shores, where the days kiss goodbye
And the mornings are born with mischievous smiles
I feel the breeze and recall all the inches
That gathered to grow me these miles

I wish for much while I pile my blessings
I stack them beside where I lay down to sleep
I've dug some space, cleared out dirt to make way
For the joys that I'm keeping so deep


Thursday, April 2, 2015


God is a coward, yeah, that's right, I said it
I know I'm supposed to be much more indebted
But I'm April's fool, and the other months, too
I'm a sculptor's changed stone you can never undo
I've been molded as such and it's such a firm state
A balloon made of lead that I cannot inflate
And if God meant me peace He would build room to grow
He would fill in the blanks and quit feeding me crow
He would push me no further than where I now stand
Without granting me space that I need to expand



Even as the sun would set
Dawn would die, and light forget
Even as the flowers wilt
Falling from their solid stilt
Even as my soul can't cope
      I still dare to hope

Even as the pages fall
The calendar, to floor from wall
Even as the seasons sleep
And open eyes would close to weep
Even as my soul can't cope
      I still dare to hope

Even as my compass lies
No northern star in cloudy skies
Even as I lose my place
Forget the look of my own face
Even as my soul can't cope
      I still dare to hope



I live in a world
Of unfinished poetry
Oh, so cowardly


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...