Friday, May 29, 2015


I believe freedom exists
Often it comes with some blood on your fists
I've got these ghosts soaked in ink
Yet I refuse to raise hell, lest they sink
Passion, it clings like disease
Welcome, but thankless, a parasite's pleas
The thing about crazy is this
When I'm truly crazy, no crazy exists
Never means never, unless
Now isn't then, a typhoon from a crest
Boundaries are baseless and cold
I'll grow in faith, but refuse to grow old


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Slow, convincing burn
Certain aches will always ache
For all of one's days


Peaks & Valleys

Stay in my place, in a room with no view
Can't sing me to sleep, I'm too tired to croon
I've no voice anyway, drop all the notes
I will not pamper me, stop all the dotes
Books full of rules line the walls full of shelves
Split personality, couple of selves
I've got a me with a proud, lifted chin
And a me with a pen who looks deeper within
I've got a memory, cold disposition
Cross that I carry, an old admonition
Caves that I navigate, though I should not
Drips from stalactites are all that I've got
So I creep deeper and further away
While me on the surface just lives the charade
Some brave new worlds exist only for cowards
And some in their caves may look like those in towers


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shade Tree

Shade me, old shade tree
The sunshine is poison
Bathe me in solace
The daylight brings noise in
My preference is quiet
My hope is a candle
The flame gets distinguished
The wax gets dismantled
Shade me, old shade tree
And keep me, make refuge
Flood me with peace
Like I'm here to meet Neptune
Cut to the quick here
But please do so gently
Forget what you find, tree
And please don't resent me
Shade me, old shade tree
Let's both grow much younger
Nevermind thirst here
And extradite hunger
I'm rooted beside you
I'm growing so slowly
Forgotten, dear shade tree
For only you know me


Monday, May 18, 2015

Due North (Don't, North)

Small constellations, mid-major ambitions
Old car aromas, diplomas, hand-written
Scattered assortment of tattered conclusions
Flattered contentment, my new restitution
I'm tracking my movement, I'll publish my weakness
It's all hands on deck, so to hell with discreetness
I've got this old sleeve where I wear what I need
Let me hang up my shirt and just right what you read
I've got issues to skirt and a story to build
Where I play a man who's essentially killed
And I'm like Captain Jack, it's this compass I keep
But I can't seem to wake while morality sleeps


Friday, May 15, 2015


I see these places and only think moments
They never see me though, I never get noticed
And memories strangle me, hands on my neck
Dreams that just mangle me, can't I forget?
Yes respect is so fickle, as variables go
I infect my investments, they're never to grow
So my show is a short one, I'd love to be on more
But nobody's clapping, there won't be an encore
And I burn through seasons like bootleg CDs
There's a copy of me who you beg to believe
Imitations exist, and I might even be one
I'm hunting for facts but I've still yet to see one


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Make me a metronome
Lord, let me tick
Steady and solemn
Proficient and thick
Root me in anything
Anchor me tight
Make the waves fear me
Endear me to light
Paint the word winner
Where quitter was scrawled
Less of a bastard
Much more enthralled
Make me a physicist
Make matter matter
Firm and so solid
Emotions just shatter
Build me a tower
Of ivory and steel
So tall that facts
Find the climb too unreal
Let me down never
That part of me dead
Tired of tires
That lose all their tread
Make me a metronome
Tick after tick
I'm too sick and tired
For tired and sick



I self depreciate like it's a sport
Spewing some lines, the disparaging sort
My heart's acoustic, so don't plug me in
Let it stew soft and quiet, a riot within
I have tried to begin, put my story in order
Can't seem to get in, I've got guards at the border
I vote for reform, yeah I'm stuffing the ballots
I aim for the chisel but can't find my mallet
I make like a heart attack, grab my attention
Then I become history, pain by extension
And every invention that I've ever penned
Has been birthed with the hope that I'll tie up loose ends
But I'm no Leonardo, I build nothing lasting
I feast for a moment, and get back to fasting
So this is an entry, just part of a pile
With faintest of hopes it's the start of a smile


Monday, May 11, 2015


Travelers summon those old summer winds
Rattlers warn before venomous grins
Crowds, as a whole, control each moving part
       I cannot quiet my heart
Moonlight can dance on a slow rolling wave
Gamblers know both a truth and a blave
Birds need no pass to arrive or depart
       I cannot quiet my heart
Strangers can choose to bestow a hello
Children can capture a firefly's glow
Winter can stop before spring really starts
       I cannot quiet my heart



I hear this breath in my chest
Needing and reaching and longing for rest
I have an army of tears
Told to stand down and accumulate years
I have no bird in the hand
One in the shrubs, with a coward's demand
I deserve not to deserve
Serving one-liners, that shit's for the birds
I have no mountains to build
Mountains build you if you choose to be hilled
I have a flag of mistakes
That and a climb I just can't seem to make


Friday, May 8, 2015

Waiting = Quitting

I am but a minor chord, depreciating slow
Too full of emotion, I can't float
I feel like a parlor trick, a cheap thing to believe
All these words for nobody to quote
I've a plan to formulate, a scheme to ascertain
I am just a pen and empty pad
Giving thoughts on subjects, such a valuable decree
Sharing things it seems I never had
Life is a safari, just a trip to find a beast
Reconcile a way to feed you both
Passion fuels the animals, survival is the eye
Perched atop a great unspoken oath
Somewhere in this room must be a list of steps to take
Recipe to finally fill my plate
I believe in solitude and value we assign
The jury still is out, as far as fate


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Breathe Between the Mines

I recall forget-me-nots if I think very hard
Sleeping dogs and resting giants, wake to find me scarred
Strangers' wishes line this fountain, copper strangely spent
Hopes all drowning, shallow graves, I'd rather keep my cents
I'm surrounded by these phantoms, fathom me a light
Fabricate me some fantastic, fascinating sight
Stars with stated purposes so let's all count to free
Number your illusions like this cell will let you be
My requests I sent unheeded, made them nonetheless
Coconut I cannot open, hardened, hidden flesh
This is an up-tempo piece, I promise (promise) so
Still it serves as my release, a modest (modest) show


Friday, May 1, 2015

Some Become Statues, Some Have to Move

I found a lasso, I looked for a hat
Didn't fit in, I felt small like the chat
I had no substance, no reason to sink
Wind walked me home, wouldn't stay for a drink
Some watch your eyes just to see their reflection
Like a red pen, just to find the corrections
I felt a thinness, a transparent stall
Northern exposure, a heavy heart falls


Change is Born From Pain

I like art best
When my guts all get wrenched
Waking from night
With a pillow all drenched
Sweat holding hands
Cradling faces
Sketching destruction
No timeframe erases
Uncomfortable seats
To discourage our sitting
Nail down the anger
Use those nails for spitting
Splitting my time
Between hurting and hoping
A smoothie of fruitless
Contentment and coping
A move made for chess boards
Just chasing the king
Soothing the puncture
Replacing the sting
This very juncture
A fork in my road
Old infrastructure
A need to reload


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...