Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Careful What You Fish For

All I ever wanted was to travel slow
Take my time, barely grow
I just wanted seasons that would rarely turn
Lifetime candle, rarely burn
All I ever wanted was to hide my face
Be a flower, find a vase
I just wanted seconds, with a chance at thirds
Beckon softly, whisper words
All I ever wanted was a place to swim
Pool my thoughts, hum a hymn
I just wanted patterns that I could repeat
Simple syrup, not too sweet
All I ever wanted was to catch and hold
Warm my hook, catch a cold
I just wanted bait that I could drink alone
Swallow hard, skills to hone


Don't Stir the Pot

Sometimes it rains when the sun shines
Have your cake, take too a bite
I just reshape the same memory
Pen full of clay, and some fight
Not one word written to please you
Nothing but scraping my soul
I vent to let out the pressure
Grasping at straws for control
I've got a heartbeat to handle
I tend to let these things fall
Sweep up the mess, be disposed of
Don't reassemble at all
Sometimes, to put back together
Means to stray far from the path
Head down, move forward, and like it
Following dreams equals wrath


Monday, June 29, 2015

One More Thing

I'm an enigma, a poor man's conclusion
A forgone example of mental intrusions
A polished decision to keep from deciding
No mathematician, but dreams keep dividing
It seems I'm too tame to live here in the wild
Hope is a bastard, a fatherless child
All these scenarios, best and worst cases
Shattered intentions that no one replaces
A firm lack of faith in a plan I can't see
Resigned to some facts that I'll never believe
Sleeve full of trick, but I've not enough magic
To pull it all off, while this isn't quite tragic
It's sad in my book, I'm the only one reading
I want happy endings, that's wanting, not needing


Blah, blah, blah...

I'm an outlier, an outlaw, no knighting
Equipped with a tongue that's quite ripe for the biting
I'm keeping my words just as soft as I can
'Cause I eat what I speak when I speak, understand?
Eyes leak, but my hands wipe away what I feel
Steal away for a breath, but I'm taught not to steal
So I lecture my lungs, bring an end to their strike
I beg: function separate from air and the like
But despite my demands, and my two bloody knees
I'm expected to think, and required to breathe
I've reflected with ink when inspired to write
But dejected, I sink, quite retired from sight
I'll perspire some nights, I'm just not far removed
From a me with a need to become much improved


Absent My Angst

Where is my angst when I need it?
Where is my feist and my crown?
I was the dreamer of dreams once
Snozzberries taste like a frown
I can make reference to something
Someone can catch what I throw
I prefer eating my heart out
Much more than snacking on crow


Monday, June 22, 2015


Felt like the future, but that time has passed
I'm not even present, marooned in the past
No pretty words, Carolina, the skies
Never one visit, not even some tries
Loose lips sink ships and I'm always afloat
Speak when I'm spoken to, plans for my boat
I'm so cliché, my confusion a joke
A below average dream, just awaiting the poke
Waking for what? Just a slice of the blues
Cut to the chase and embrace the bad news
Tune up my strings, like I've something to play
One more sad song just to stock the buffet
I serve the same dish, I hope you fear change
One trick for this pony, no home on the range
No roam to arrange, like it's something you plan
You just ended the future before it began


Friday, June 19, 2015


I can start anything
Finish it? No
I'm on a journey
With nowhere to go
I'm just a folder
Of incomplete poems
Houses abandoned
Not one of them homes
I can pontificate
Highlight the fault
Pass on the battle
An empty assault
Crawl in the bottle
Never come out
Question myself
Never bury the doubt
I can relax a bit
Never do sleep
One single tear
Never do weep
Wrestle a giant
Just minus the pin
Stand tall for a second
Slouch once again
I can commit
To being my best
Flashes of greatness
Greatness repressed
I can just scribble
With nothing to write
Will for one man
For me is a might


Monday, June 15, 2015

Paranoia (Proof or Dare)

Paranoia cares for me, that's why I keep her close
Waiting for the shoe to drop is really quite morose
Darkness is a fact of life, and life can be quite gross
      Dare me not to hope for something more
Paranoia swaddles me, that's why the questions fly
Feathers are the enemy, and so is open sky
I'd prefer be grounded, under moon and lidded eye
      Dare me not to stay close to the core
Paranoia barters me, at least the me that cares
Bend the truth and hang a sign: "I'm closed up for repairs"
That breeds an illusion that I'm not worse for the wear
      Dare my ceiling not to kiss my floor
Paranoia knows my jokes, I've nothing left to tell
Truth is I've not found a way to unring all these bells
Therefore I'll just wallow in my quaint and dusty hell
      Dare me to escape me, nevermore


Friday, June 12, 2015

Cold 'n Golden

I'm but a pendulum, never with peace
Always I hunt for extremes
Settling still is no more than some reverie
Terse, unachievable dreams
I'm so consistent, mechanical even
As evidenced by my routines
Solace is found in one small nagging truth
... emotions live not in machines.


Suck It Up, Buttercup

I'll round an effort to be much more pointed
I've spat out such nonsense that sounds so disjointed
Anointed myself as a man with the right
To analyze day and lend meaning to night
But the facts are the facts, even if they're ignored
And my urges will grow whether they get implored
I am sewn to the grid, there's no cutting the cord
I'm a knight who's all shield, I don't carry a sword
And I'm up on this ledge, I'm so busy pretending
That no ground exists and it's all happy endings
Befriending the makers of poison I'm sipping
And lending my hand to some tale not worth gripping
Exhausting my metaphors, bleeding them dry
I'm expecting transfusions to brighten my eye
To build rose colored glasses, not paint it all black
Lighten the load, and not shatter my back
So it's time, that's the trick, just to let it all pass
Reality, sometimes you'll fall on your ass
But to that I've a question, nay, it's a demand
What's the next step if I can't again stand?


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Read 'Em & Sleep

Yes, the road to yesterday is paved with apprehension
All my different (better) days are saved in new dimensions
Traveling through space and time proves waste at very best
Straddling this raging bull is haste I've not confessed
The question that I chase at night, the slumber I can't catch
Demons keeping me in place, this face I can't detach
Restitution paid in part, and I'm so full of shit
Old intrusions played from start, I've yet to dull the script
But every line I birth is just a baby I can't raise
Seconds are expensive, just imagine spending days
Imagine ending stays in which you've not yet to arrive
Death is but a dream, I'm wide awake, but not alive


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dues and Dotes

Don't judge a crook by their lover
Don't paste a copied response
Don't keep repose that you've borrowed
Don't grow with such nonchalance

Do sleep with one heightened eyelid
Do question those who would rule
Do place some faith in the faithless
Do know you will play the fool

Don't harbor ships with no rudder
Don't let the breeze be your guide
Don't be deliberate in nothing
Don't fear what's never been tried

Do carry burdens for love's sake
Do forsake those who would not
Do take the moments that take you
Do give it all that you've got


Polished Lies

Crowd around me, hands
Hold what I release
Weakness is a tipping point
Fall which way you please
Don't abhor decisions
When the margin is this thin
Stopping is the easy part
The trick is to begin
Confidence, an older trait
One I used to know
Introduce a different me
A clean, despondent glow
Noble as the cover is
The pages never fade
Guarding simple, hidden truths
... so tiny and afraid


Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I know no yesterdays, buried and dead
Last bit of dirt on the heap
Tired old shovel, disrupting this bed
Last bit of hurt, let it sleep
I know no better way, clearing the skies
Letting the sun find my skin
Glance not behind me, steering my eyes
Hitting what bites on the chin
I'll take a swim in the ocean that fed me
The bounty that fell to my plate
Not in the desert that's constantly bled me
And left me with hunger as fate
I go where goers go, doers get done
Stagnant, a choice I'll not make
Finding who caught me, and never did run
Fighting and righting mistakes


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...