Friday, July 31, 2015

One Man's Crow is Another Man's Delusion

So altruistic of me to fly slowly
Allowing the murder to flock
All of their wings flutter only to know me
All of us boats with no dock
Friends have a way of believing they're real
Ends have a way with my means
I have a way of conceiving this phantom
To justify being unclean
Windows closed tight to prevent what would creep in
Imagine it, happen or no
Perched on this fence post to feast on inventions
Ticket for one to the show


So Says the Furthest of Reaches, If One Should Listen

I've a folded chair
And some folded arms
Got this coldish stare
And exhausted charm
All the novelty
Yeah, that new car smell
No one stops to see
Takes a peak at hell
Only thing we need
More than we need air
Is to plant the seed
Just to take some care
But the plants can grow
If I stay inside
Sense of self is slow
Nothing ever dries
Only simple hands
Writing simple songs
All my ifs and ands
Lose to rights and wrongs
I can ramble hard
In the softest tones
Never drop my guard
Dog without a bone


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Common, Since

If you'll draw parallels, do so in pencil
Please make your marks slowly, and softly, so gentle
A hunch is no more than a gamble, a hazard
A prayer that the good Lord may choose not to answer
For answers live not in our interest to hear them
Or whether or not we would place our hearts near them
Proximity proudly has skin in the game
It's our sunburned desires we've got to reclaim
Let us drown expectations in SPF million
We'll arm all our limbs, for they're far too civilian
Just call me reptilian, my scales will not cease
And my cold-blooded stance is a period piece
It's historical work, I'm not here to dispute
For the days that have died are all dull, point is moot


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Part 1

Loud like the crunch of a minute
Scattered, like some child's room
Pardons belong to the storied
My story reads like a tomb
Short and succinct, with an ending
Sequel won't likely be seen
I've a brain constantly racing
Flag only waved when it's green
Hot like the roof up above me
Lost like 18 year-old kids
Dreams go to highest price promised
Sleep just to wait for some bids


Monday, July 27, 2015

An Ending Not A Story Makes

I spied my future through some old man's window
He struggled to rise from his chair
It seems reality caught me this evening
More skin topped his head than did hair
Just for a moment I tasted this fact
As I walked on my warm starry night
Thank God I saw what I saw when I saw it
While I can still claim to have sight
Almost a painting, a scene there to greet me
The goal to inspire a thought
This work of art, though admission was free
Held a value that couldn't be bought
The truth that I learned through the window this evening
Was not that the body soon dies
Rather I gathered that fullness of life
Can't be judged by the scene that I spied


As My Days Should Fall

Following these serpents
To their old, forgotten shores
I have tailed too many serpents
To their ill-suggested wars
I say speak not to the serpents
Spend on debts that they implore
    I do not keep time
    And I don't waste it anymore
I have gathered new beginnings
But I don't run up the score
Had my share of new beginnings
Shared the fruit around my core
I have ended new beginnings
Started more than handy lore
    I do not keep time
    And I don't waste it anymore
Mused along with parted poets
Made those labors seem a chore
Clinked a glass with thirsty poets
Til no drink was left to pour
Locked my words to worthy poets
Never have I kicked a door
    I do not keep time
    And I don't waste it anymore


Bend... Don't Break

I love the idea of loving ideas
(A soft bed of rice on a heated tortilla
A comfortable pillow and rain on the roof
A guaranteed peace, pudding chock full of proof)
Fact becomes truth as it rolls off the tongue
And I rest those ideas on ladder's top rung
For I hold all those thoughts in the highest regards
Like an ace up my sleeve when I don't have the cards
Every shard from my shatter gets glued back together
Excuse the cliché, but my toughness is leather
And whether or not this world meets my demands
It has met the important one, I've strength to stand
And the thought of collapsing, a thought I can't handle
It takes a tsunami to blow out this candle
Just call me a thief, for I'm taking some pride
In this chin that I lift and my unbroken stride


Friday, July 24, 2015

Don't Stay Gold, Ponyboy

No running backwards, no chasing the past
Never place first what already placed last
Gold glitters now, but the shine never stays
If yesterdays matter they'll be your todays
I store, in the future, the breaths that I hold
A deposit, with interest, should I soon grow old
And I'm spending some time with the time that I'll get
I stay clear of old bones and I'm free of your debt
For my closet was packed, all the skeletons fighting
I couldn't cash checks (that I couldn't stop writing)
And biting my tongue proved a pointless decision
I swallow my words now and love the nutrition
I'm full of incisions, they've since turned to scars
They always heal faster on stools inside bars
So, as far as I know, I should bury the past
Once a break mends you can discard the cast
You can watch the ship sink from your spot on the shore
You can hurry right past it and worry no more


Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Infinity...

The time for adventure, expired
Every last mountain been claimed
Maps fully drawn, pens retired
Childhood dreams, all been tamed
When did we all stop pretending?
Why did our make believe die?
Some tales don't have happy endings
Some blues don't live in the sky
I'd like to think there are treasures
Out in the depths of the sea
Miles that haven't been measured
Adventures still waiting for me


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Don't Be Short (Belong)

I wish a purpose would surface, I'd serve it
   Like seafood, the catch of the day
What if the path would appear here? I'd cheer here
   A home crowd, their team's winning play
Only a sunset belongs now, no wrong now
   A race track, but backwards, all right
Right in my place, where I sit, like I fit
   And I'll sleep like tonight is my night


Letting Go

I've yearned for focus, a steadied, firm hand
I've learned that hopelessness meets my demands
I beg for nothingness, blank, wispy stares
And a solemn abyss where my dreams die in pairs
The tricky part? Knowing just when to release
When your grip needs to straighten (yes, every last crease)
For the folds hide the blood flow, the work of your heart
And the shelter you build only shackles its art
So, if somehow a painter beats deep in my chest
Then I'll train my two hands, I'll implore they invest
I'll use canvas and blood, spill the fuel of my soul
Summon deepest desires and barter a toll
I'll surrender control and I'll just fucking paint
I will stand unashamed, I'll abandon restraint
My two warm blooded hands will set out on their trips
And speak all of the truth that cannot leave my lips
But, alas, I keep clenched and I hold what I hold
I just block all the blood flow and keep my hands cold
I've the white empty tips where my fingers all end
And they're wrapped round the fear, I can't straighten the bend


Monday, July 20, 2015


Though you tick each box
Meeting each requirement
Chosen, you are not


Et Tu, Brute?

I have been crushed
I remember the feeling
The sheer disbelief
The surrender, the reeling
I have been stripped
Of the heart from my chest
I remember the grave
But no peace and no rest
I have been stranded
Just waves and some breeze
And a small slice of land
Where I buried my knees
I have been jailed
Institutional me
Just the meanest of cells
Yet, I mean to be free


I Used to Write Songs

I wish my memory wasn't so sharp
Old pins could not dig so deep
These scarlet letters and rock-a-bye maybes
I'm never to fall back asleep
I wish my peace (here in pieces) was whole
All dressed down, nowhere to glow
Summon some something to fill in the spaces
Don't water the void, lest it grows
I wish the mornings would rise much more hopeful
And nights would set just as complete
One busted string on my burdened guitar
Would not bitter my melody sweet


Saturday, July 18, 2015


Some things I hold 'til they fall down my cheek
It's a task to let go, keep 'em closed, never peek
I'm so much better served by deserving the least
And by locking the cage, not releasing the beast
For the best should be saved for the men who make most
Nay a squanderer knows a real victory toast
This poem's sad, like a pop song, it haunts like a ghost
Parasitic arrangement, I guess I'm the host
And the coast where I live, where I've set up my camp
Is like swimming on shore, not a part of me damp
Not a cell in my body gets bathed, just this stamp
A tattoo on my forehead that looks like a lamp
And beneath it is written some words I can't clean
"All of your bright ideas are losing their sheen"
It did not take me long to conclude what they mean
I should make heart my brain, let my soul intervene


Friday, July 17, 2015


My disposition, intrinsic this vision
A given I'm sitting and waiting and wishing
A living worth making, a river worth fishing
A giver, just taking, impossible mission
And I just keep thinking I'm holed, I'm a pigeon
This bucket of confidence, God put a smidge in
I'm missing ingredients, meals I can't finish
You reap what you sow, but I'm just so diminished
And maybe I'm scared or I'm scarred, I'm so skittish
I'm Popeye, I just need to locate my spinach
I just need to find the old me, I'm so vintage
And treat this life more like a game, not a scrimmage


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

As Is

No one knows my process
Quite how I create
How I craft my foolish words
And taunt the hand of fate
How I stop in places
That I've never even seen
Sprinkle hesitation
Penning phrases I don't mean
No one knows the workings
Has the eye to see
Ear to hear what I don't say
Patience just to be
Forest through the woodwork
See the worker's mill
Lakes of fire waiting
Not a flame is standing still
No one knows the passion
Searing, subtle pool
Boiled for a biting touch
Some things never cool
Pausing is a virtue
To resume is just your grave
Self control a saving grace
I'd rather not be saved


Monday, July 13, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

Do ever you feel
You're down an escalator
At an all out sprint?



This, such a temperature driven location
It's colder, the hotter I get
Drafting, not sending, this cold resignation
It's bolder to try and forget
Boulders keep falling, agility lacking
Dodging despair just for fun
I've got some skin in the game, but it's cracking
I've spent too much time in the sun
I stay well coded, eroded and timely
Tucked in and hidden from sight
A race to the bottom, it's easy to find me
I'm actively dreaming most nights
I'd have to be screaming in order to order
This chaos is just what I need
But I just keep quiet and stay on the border
Admittance is not guaranteed


Thursday, July 9, 2015


I could pull sword from the stone, but I won't
Glass house of potential where doers just don't
And I'll throw what I'm catching, not one object more
What I need is the greed cuz my knuckles are sore
Speed to the score, for I love keeping track
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, don't bring me back
Keep my name in the grave where my sorrow belongs
Burn this burned disc of my favorite songs
Spurn this old risk I keep trying to battle
And tame my emotions, a figurative saddle
I've tattled and told and I've stood in the waste
Saving my soul and I'm spending my face


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Extra! Extra!

If there were a headline for me it would read:
"Best of me bested by rest of me"
I would stand slouched and I'd calmly decree:
"Best if you never invest in me"
I would speak soft to my soul as it bleeds:
"Page through the news" (I'd request)
I'd whisper slow to my aged expectations:
..."I miss when you knew me best."


Lucky Number(s)

Then there were two, number seven and you
One of you lucky, the other a fool
A poser, a champion, who then is who?
Waiting for time to uncover the truth
Speaking of poison, there's joy to recuse
Power to lose and some dreams to abuse
Warriors wait, so I'm patient with moves
Thinking v. inking, they both mean to prove
Mirrors show opposites, call it a fact
Subscribe to a world where the world is an act
Full of previous statements we mean to retract
No faith in science when nothing's exact
Triumphs in trials, and spit to seal pacts
Handshakes evaporate, permanence lacks
Trained to keep traveling, glued to the tracks
Don't count on your numbers, luck never looks back


Friday, July 3, 2015


All of my innards depend on the year
Silence the dinners when volume could hear
Kiss like a hammer, on mission to brain
Sit, so the standers can bark their refrain
All of my standards are growing deranged
Beg the demanders for pockets of change
Slain are the kings with the power to handle
Their heads hanging high above Lucifer's mantle
We all stoke the fire, but choose to deny it
Dance in the darkness, in daylight decry it
Try it, just try it, my black eggs and ham
Buy it, you'll buy it, from maybe to am


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Damage Control

Just stop the bleeding
The wanting, the needing
The fire, the rubble
The begging, the trouble
Cease all the hoping
The maybe, the noping
The have and the missing
The have to be kissing
Block all the longing
The righting, the wronging
The keeping, the storing
Abhorring, adoring
Bury the wonder
The spells we're all under
The moonlight's consignment
The stars, their alignment


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...