Friday, August 28, 2015

Sonnet 4: It Slowly Erodes

I speak in symbols, in locked doors and codes
Hear this old heart, it's a kick drum of sorts
My soul, a rock, yes it slowly erodes
Patience is pants for you, mine is like shorts
Creaks from the furniture, might be my bones
Aching and rising, they correlate true
My house is glass and I'm hoarding my stones
No one to throw them at, not even you
Pardon my resolute stance on this dive
Dial these numbers just as they appear
I used to run to these places I drive
Eyelids like drapes, I've no reason to steer
Fate is a monster right under my bed
Aging man learns that it's all in his head


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sonnet 3: My Covetous Nature

I'll admit jealousy sometimes fills me
Uninvited guest who means not to leave
It's the dissatisfaction that kills thee
Slow and steady death; so much time to grieve
I'll own my covetous nature, my dear
As if I built this trap; all that I've got
Sometimes I make it through Mondays, I fear
Only to envy the Sunday it's not
I wish to settle like puddles post rain
Leaves as the breeze slowly tapers its kiss
Love my own tracks and embrace my own train
Faith in my haves, I'll have nothing to miss
"Green with" v. "red for", now making me blue
Paint my tomorrows, not yesterday's hue


Plastic Stars

I've got so much time to spend just wasting all my time
I could be a wiser man, I could
Listening to melodies that freeze me in my memories
I should silence everything, I should
Offerings I'm scattering across my primal wonderings
Tell me if they're fit, please let me know
Sent to bring some flattery and spread the pile evenly
Tell me where to camp, I'm moving slow
Making fire makes me sweat, the power that I hold
Villages to rubble with a spark
Set the stars, a ceiling wide, green and grassy sheets
Finish line, just lying in the dark


Piece Work

I'm a machine these days, movable parts
Just keep producing, these fits and these starts
Heart pumping faster, the beats Morse coded
Number one with a bullet, but this thing's not loaded
I might just explode it, but prices get paid
My job is to function, machines don't complain
They make and maintain, there is nothing to feel
But the clock's repetition and cold kiss of steel
Just a cog and a wheel, just a lever and grease
A product, no passion, create and release
I work with each piece, they're assembled in lines
And I have no attachment to polish or shine
The process is mine but it's mine in task only
There's work to be done, I've no time to be lonely


Friday, August 21, 2015

If I'm Being Honest

I've been too pointed, just sketching conclusions
Needing to order and sort the intrusions
I fear the chaos, the maybes, the mights
I battle the void so I've something to fight
I raise my hand without something to say
I build the bridge while I'm well on my way
For a fall to the depths while attempting to cross
That's a win... and just standing on shore is a loss
But, the issue? My need to conclude every word
Compulsive assignment of meaning, absurd
This circus I've fashioned, this freak show I've built
It's a two ring disaster, anxiety, guilt
And I wonder why anyone sits in the seats
Watching the shit show and snacking on treats
I'm just a beast who has buckets of glue
Sure, I hold it together, but that's all I do


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Limerick Shmimerick

Sometimes I pen a few lines
Knowing that's right where they'll die
Call me a sadist
I do it for cadence
Well, that, and my need to imply


May This Weakness Be My Strength

Stand for your right to sit down if you wish
Be inspired to drape your heart's depth
Wear every passion that tickles each vein
And the choice you might bate every breath
Moons over villages, hanging near stars
Shine in the darkest of scenes
Hearts with the beats that are fullest of all
Are the hearts beating well past their means


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Echoes (Teaching Myself to Say Something Worth Hearing)

Echoes are awful, intrusive, ungrateful
Yesterdays served to me, more than a plateful
I'm looking forward to not looking back
For I'm glancing at visions that all have gone black
Remembering wells where I fell without landing
The rabbit hole's deep, but it's not as demanding
So much outstanding: the sounds that I've trapped
Sentenced to stagnancy, never adapt
I love wet paint, it's a silent reminder
Shame, she gets covered up, I'll never find her
Where some see abandonment, I see a pardon
Pure absolution, a freshly tilled garden
Growing solutions, they're pesticide free
All my processed confusion is now just debris


Monday, August 17, 2015

History Will Absolve Me

Be my commercial, my break from the action
My cold calculation, my slow satisfaction
I need my mountains to stand and be proven
No wind of change, but a breeze that would move in
Harbor consistency, keep like a clock might
One with precision, that ticks smooth and tocks right
Chance should be buried with no resurrection
Dictatorships, I've no need for elections


Friday, August 14, 2015

Appropriately Selfish

The beauty of art?
That no one need understand,
Except the artist.


It's Alright (I'm a Doctor)

What if I had arms of steel?
I'd rip these feelings out
Lay them on the table
Dissect every inch of doubt
Learn to use a scalpel here
Learn to name the parts
I would stop the bleeding, too
Assuming that it starts
Maybe there's a creed in there
A decade somehow hid
Words of wisdom, etched in heart
Advice for how to live
Maybe there are answers, dear
A solemn, simple truth
That is why I must examine
I'm in need of proof
I'll make time, for time I'll need
To wade through all the mess
Seconds put me where I am
This mix of soul with flesh
I recall just being seen
With no need to impress
No need stacking numbers up
I've made it through with less
If I could guess on what I'll find
I wouldn't want to try
Feelings that I know too well
And some I can't describe
I'll prescribe myself some booze
So I can dull the pain
Forget the things I see that day
And pack them in again


Always an Audience

Tell me what you burn to say
Speak in tongues, untied
Shout from peaks to valleys low
Where I sit poised to die
Echo words that wash a soul
Clean, like my first breath
Bathe in dawn when darkness leaves
Relieve me of my flesh
I was meant to feel so deeply
I was made to fly
I was crafted, so exactly
Supercede goodbyes
Earthly holds that must apply
I'm meant for release
I see through the forest, love
And notice not the trees
I pass through the poorest moments
Come out rich in mood
Spirit grows when heart should shrink
Therefore my spirit's huge
Speak in colors I can see
For I'm painted in blues
Like the blood that lives in me
But red, when I show you
Passion when these words escape
I hold them cool inside
Speak to me in tones so somber
Let the words reside


Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Red Sun

A red sun sits on my right shoulder
I haven't a clue what it means
I'm moving south towards what seems to be evening
Just one more cold, hard routine
I try to drive slowly for I know it's setting
And I'll be forgetting it's shine
Once it goes cold I'll have nothing to hold
At least nothing that I can call mine
Sun, red with passion, I beg you sincerely
To never fall over the trees
Come back and find me, just sit right beside me
The rest of the world can just freeze


Lab Rat

Somebody study me, quickly, so quickly
Report back to me what I feel
Please, won't you level me, center the bubble
Scratching at wounds til they heal
Finding means searching, which stems from a need
I need to be present to start
Grinding means hurting, which takes me to nowhere
A trip that I've taken to heart
But journeys adjourn, when the new one takes form
A rule that's unwritten (til this)
Except that the timing does not always match up
A puzzle you do with your fist
I know the men in white coats mean to harm me
Sometimes we don't leave the cage
As long as my sacrifice lends truth to science
I'll die as a pencil on page


Oh, Captain

Attention, attention, please tune all your ears
This is your pilot, to speak to your fears
By now you've all wondered about all the noise
I urge you, good people, hold tight to your poise
Yes, we're all plummeting, slicing through sky
But hush all your voices and wipe every eye
As the earth pulls us closer, please try and get rest
Sit strong in your seat, like a bird in her nest
The time's coming quickly, few moments remain
I sense your confusion, please let me explain
The reason it seems that I'm calmer than glass
I'm the only man up here who's already crashed


A Little Bit Fatter

I'm ripe for unplugging
I'm plucked from my tree
I'm spread way too thin
I'm unbuttered, I bleed
I am a ghost
I'm a phantom unnoticed
I'm way past my prime
I just hope I'm not hopeless
I'm but a building
I'm waiting to crumble
I hold things so tightly
I still seem to fumble
I write when I'm anxious
My pen never sleeps
I'm a stacker, I pile
I live on the heaps
I'm still me, I suppose
I expected to fade
I'm replenishing, yes
I'm so flattered you stayed


A Fix

If not for this symbol, for what would I stand?
I'm passive impressive with silent demands
Barbaric desire gets hushed by the times
I'm just thirsting for fire, the structure of rhymes
There are worse things than mire, like downright depression
I bleed and perspire and pray for reflection
Look over the table and see my eyes glancing
The freckles aligned with the candlelight dancing
Return what I'm sending, with both gifts accepted
Absorb the glow quickly, as if it's injected
My veins were not built for the low grade prescription
I just need the good stuff, I've made that decision


A Few Encouraging Words

Few things can heal quite like grass between toes
Glassy smooth skies
Holding skin close
Sun falling slowly like pillows catch minds
Stars take the night shift
I've moonlight to find
Few things bring peace like a laugh that explodes
Glorious shrapnel
Collateral growth
Smiles abscond with a face bent on bending
Correcting the curve
Fences worth mending
Few things spread love like a table prepared
Sending to senses
Scents sentenced to air
Coddling calm, exercise in exclusion
Leaving out sorrows
Inviting solutions


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

History Defeats Itself

All my old poems, full of new problems
Empty old homes, no need to rob them
Searching past times, comparative measures
Worse for the wear, just slightly better
Still stay up thinking, nights getting halved
Forks in the maze, do we really choose paths?
All those round holes, I'm a peg with four sides
Sooner or later I'll shorten my stride
Casinos aren't built from the gambler's gains
But the best art is born when the pen marries pain
So I'm lucky, I guess, that my pen has the aches
And a chronic remembrance of ancient mistakes


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2nd Place Sucks

Emptiness feels like an object
Heavy and solid, so proud
Memories' graves are so shallow
Surfacing, chasing the clouds
Tears have an urge to defy me
Somehow escaping my cage
Rules I've established mean nothing
Peace, just a script and a stage
Rage has become disappointment
I've no clue which one is worse
Separate self from the sorrow
Pain's only pain if it hurts
I've a slow sadness I'm cursed with
Tortoise that carries my sin
My mind's a hare, always racing
We all know the hare never wins


Sunday, August 9, 2015


Leather smells just like depression
Depression just reeks of my past
I can pinpoint my surroundings
Nights I thought would be my last
Death is a nightmare for most men
Others think waking ain't grand
Sunken like chests in the wreckage
Buried like screams behind hands
I'd like to think me a martyr
Truth is I couldn't escape
Sometimes the hero is choiceless
Sometimes the villain takes shape
Sometimes the thief is the mirror
Glances aren't stolen, they're kept
Some climb right down from their ledges
Only to wish that they'd leapt


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Time and Place

Half of discovering something
Is living before it's been found
Rugs pulled beneath feet so trusting
Faith that they stood on the ground
Sometimes we weigh in on moments
Only to shoulder their pounds
Speaking to add to the clutter
Rooms that can't hold one more sound
Yet, we push forward, so fruitless
Time, an immovable force
Plans to be fine, settle in there
Once we arrive it feels coarse
Great expectations are awful
Facts are too short for the ride
Hopes have a way of adjusting
Moons that would temper my tides


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sonnet 2: Wake to Now

No room seems to hold the air I'm needing
This skin won't cover parts of me unsure
Melded to this desperate chair, I'm bleeding
No visible drip, no one offers cures
Against the grain, if grains would ever grow
Barren as those promises you have lost
Tracked, like trains, and I'm buried in the snow
Frozen by a memory, such great cost
So, I implore you, wisely spend your heart
Credit has its way of running dry here
So rich in spirit, just in fits and starts
Poor enough to fantasize I'll die here
Shored enough to pray for water deeper
Wake to now that waited as the sleeper


Sonnet 1: Both of Me

I beg of the heavens, please forget me
Leave me to crumble and spread with the wind
Glance not to where I've hollowed, just let be
For being, a state I dream will rescind
Bountiful shames, they all gather here, deep
Urges that pool in a puddle, so wide
Merciful claims on deaf ears, while I sleep
Wash me out, swallow me, whims of the tide
Both of me aching, neither one resting
Hushed like a crowd, an acoustic guitar
Plastic and steel, the slide I'm investing
Uproot my thought to replant in a bar
Hide what I built in some liquid and glass
I would say "fuck it", but that would be crass


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Some, like a petulant child, they're pouting
As I've spent believing days silently doubting
And I, like a map, leaving ways for the finding
Am wondering how I'll display the nonbinding
The bonds that lay hiding, they keep from the eyes
The absconders deciding that stayers all die
But the wisdom of man is a fluttering wing
As it changes position with little to bring
To a table I've set with no more than a mug
May we drink to conclusions that leave us all smug
Faith is a drug, so few unscrew the caps
And while I've kicked the habit, I'd love to relapse


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...