Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mama Said

Having one of those weird days
Don't wanna shave my beard days
Fish outta water, but if I was in it
Probably would get speared days
Casted emotions get reeled days
All my doubts have a field day
I could handle green or red lights
I'm chicken, I'm yellow, it's a yield day
If only I could have my shield day
Sword from the stone, like a wield day
Hard-headed, I'm a coconut
But I feel like today's a get peeled day
Ugly heads could get reared day
Greatest fears should be feared day
The audience has no patience left
And I thought today was get cheered day


Friday, September 25, 2015


I don't count days anymore, I just don't
They won't move any faster that way, they just won't
I don't skip stones or throw change for a wish
Since my hopes don't come true, and I just scare the fish
I don't ask why, it's a pointless endeavor
Like trusting in words or believing forever
Like thinking that people just won't let you down
Or that peasants, like me, will one day wear the crown
Art should be bleeding, not sunshine and roses
Concrete reality, never supposes
My page is a bandage, a place made for spilling
Without it my pain would be making a killing


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Remember to Forget

I'm an old phone booth
I'm so antiquated
Twice removed future
We're vaguely related
I've thoughts so outdated
These fossilized wishes
The wax has now frosted this cake
So ambitious
I'm parked on the freeway
To stop what's not slowing
My efforts are fruitless
These weeds just keep growing
I'm going, I'm going
I'm going, I'm gone
I'll let go of the sunset...
There better be dawn


Say it Like You Mean It

All these pop pieces, they're pieceless, whole puzzles
My words are no match for reality's muzzles
My troubles, so timeless, it's time that I timed them
Just call me Peter. Those lost boys? I'll find them
I'll wine them, no dining, the booze should be potent
I'll poison the proper, dispose of that rodent
I'm focused, I'm forming a serum, consumption
Where dams all be damned, we've no need for assumption
So let it flow freely, just pour at your leisure
Shout what you mean til you must take a breather
I once thought the shame was with being direct
But you can't best a mirror that means to reflect


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All Dressed Up, With Nowhere To Go

All of these pennies, no well to receive them
No chalice to store an elixir, I'll leave then
I know that the fountain must somewhere exist
I choose to believe, with no proof, I insist
I dare to dream, to scrape blood off of wrist
Explain to my sensible side what he's missed
Fall from the sky for a thrill with no mission
Sink the same boat that most mean to catch fish in
Multiply joys and outlaw cruel division
I swear that I'm healing, just check my incision
But I'm known to lie when I chat with just me
Contradict and restrict, I'm convicted and free
I'm with love, I'm alone, I've this life, I feel dead
I'm so blessed, I'm deprived, I just live in my head
It's the rest of my body I must learn to use
I'll awaken someday, but too late, I must choose
But the choices are framed and they're always unique
A past that creates them, an old me to speak
A shovel I hold, if I finally can dig
And just bury this bullshit, the hole will be big
I've got demons I'd love to direct where to go
Except I'm all dressed up... with nowhere to go


Monday, September 21, 2015

New American Classic (Stolen Title)

I've these sad songs...
  a small pocket of blades,
  quiet, unless they're provoked.
Hands that don't reach keep the blood walled and well,
  so blue that red remains choked.
Hands that grow roots are the safest...
  most centered,
  also, they're numb from their stand.
I've a poor urge for some rich satisfaction...
  a slap that belongs to this hand.
Visceral panting...
  a taste for more taste,
  and I'll pinch for the pain, if I must.
Desperate encounters...
  the chords that would store me.
They once were so freeing...
  no dust.
Take from me pieces...
  restrain my deep screams...
    hold me so steady...
      I've no space to dream
Please, evolution, be real, and be active...
  might I grow glow,
  might I bend.
I need a light...
  like a smoker,
  no lighter.
Shadows just can't be my end.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Beast Coast

Never a magician
No abracadabra
Never quite concise enough
To speak a word that grabs ya
Boxing my emotions
In a package I can sell you
I should show you what I mean
But it's easier to tell you
Words don't speak as loudly
Actions always scream
It's the writing that means more
Than what I write, not what it seems
And the rhythm in my head
Never translates to the page
It's convenient that it matters not
I've no one to engage
It's just therapy to me
Give my demons a good fight
Mix some heaven with some hell
I've got some wrongs that I should write


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Long, Long Way to Go

Wearing my cross more because
  I'm scared that God forgot me
Like the old me, the saved me,
  is somebody who's not me
Like the Big Man in the sky
  is somehow not able to spot me
Like I'm only just a little me
  and somehow not a lot me
Phantom of the vodka,
  eavesdropping on my issues
But I don't like what I hear
  I hate the echo of my miscues
It's way too fucking cold in here
  I need some heat to think
Except that all my moments, naked,
  are all floating in this drink
And I can ponder all I want, but yet,
  a trap is still a trap
I'm in a stadium alone, I guess I'll
  be the one to clap
But when I tire, it's the silence
  that'll frighten me the most
At least I'll have someone to talk to
  if I ever see a ghost
Yes, I could coast right to the finish line
  with no concern for order
I'm a man without a country
  I'm just straddling the border
In my native land of questioning
  it's not a comfy scene
I need to know why I'm so blue
  and why the skyline isn't green
I guess the sunset isn't envious
  cuz everyone is staring
I've got nothing I can share,
  unless you wanna see repairing


Monday, September 14, 2015

You've Got the Wrong Fella

Some have that faith that can spread like a rumor
Faith that just grows, like a tumor
Trust in their soul for the calming solution
Freeing these skies from pollution
Some, like a river, run wild, unfettered
Worse for the wear, but still bettered
Holding assurance they found in thin air
Climbing their mood like a stair
       Some do. I don't.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Running on Empty

Relative anonymity
And pockets full of synergy
Intellect and drive combine
I'm just lacking the energy
Quiet nights and screaming minds
Trying to find a voice
Thinking thoughts so heavy
I don't have the strength to hoist
Fairy tales are scary tales
Unless you don't believe
But the second you buy in
That's when your heart will start to grieve
I speak so damn much, it seems,
I never say a thing
Humming all these tunes
That I don't have the balls to sing
But I plan to get that ring
Or that trophy, or that crown
Holding my head up to those
Who'd rather hold me down
I need to conquer lazy
Overcome a soul, so tired
I can be a champion
I've got what is required


Friday, September 11, 2015

Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

This is my moment...
I need a turn, too
Not just a short stack of smiles
I can burn through
About as hopeful as a head
Inside a guillotine
Wish I was naive like a newborn
Still as green
Love to feel the love
And be numb to the hate, man
Hungry for some minutes
Not a full fucking plate, man
Yes, facts are facts
I just can't find the truth here
Growing from the concrete
I've never been couth, dear
Anyway, I'm sidetracked
Nothing fucking new, I see
Never had a clue
What this pain could fucking do to me
So if I've got a chance
Then it's all about timing
Not about these poems
And my unimportant rhyming



I can see tomorrow through the trees, just let me stare
Take a shape or take yourself away
I can fall as fast as any waiting heart that beats
Beat myself with seconds, minutes, days
I won't get too personal, my person's had enough
Meaning is a flower to be picked
Stop and smell the hopeless, just an opus I can hide
Let it live inside til I evict
Chances taken, I'm a thief, and every thief must pay
Why would I pretend to act surprised?
Time to chase the cobwebs out, I'm living like a fly
The spider comes along, I'll improvise


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Contribute a Verse

Some plots are simple, unfolding as planned
Others stand firm with an anchor in hand
Scratching the surface, the itch is much deeper
The underdog's waking, a win for the sleeper
Ignoring a thought doesn't mean you don't think it
You're storing the thought and just fighting to sink it
Like drowning a fish you're just wishing for nothing
At least give it wings, the impossible, something
At least let it sing, let it laugh and be loving
Let it place bets even if it's just bluffing
What lives in the outcome is proof that you tried
And the absence is proof that you lived just to die


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

To Quit is to Fail

This pool of wishes is deep and implied
Let me submerge me and never be dried
Let me partake in the peace as I float
At home in the waves I made, I am a boat

These goals I keep in my pocket are viable
As they exist, and as formed, keep them pliable
Let me achieve with both passion and speed
I may adjust, but I'll never concede

This quiet fire that burns at the depths
Makes me a dragon, the smoke leaves as breaths
I produce fuel, self-sustaining, I'm green
No need to stoke me, my energy's clean

This set of plans, in a scroll, on my chest
Permanent, whole, and so rarely addressed
Tattoo my future with image imagined
Just call it unfinished until I add action


A Watched Heart Never Spoils

Doubt is a rapist
I doubt that I'll make it
I've made some confidence
So fucking makeshift
First, second guess me
I'm here in the thousands
Screaming the question
The answers all soundless
Please let me round it
The nearest conclusion
Excused exploration
Or pointless intrusion
The difference between
Is as moot as my wish is
A man with a mask
And a plan to be vicious
I'm handed a task
And it's scribbled in phrases
I just can't decode
I can't even rephrase it
I speak not in tongues
More like elbows and asses
Put in the work
And keep watch on this savage
A heart is a subject
A draw, an exhibit
Just tend to it often
And growth is a given



Contentment? That's one of those scenes seen on movie screens, picked clean like the American dream, an antique, a fossil, a defeated routine.

Contentment? It's an idea, a thought, a hunter bragging about what he almost caught, a trophy polished and placed in the perfect spot, it's supposed to stand for something, more often than not, some distant memory, loaded with blind spots, pieces you inevitably forgot.

Contentment? That stays shrouded in confusion, some misshapen illusion, despite your finest walls you fall victim to this inconsiderate intrusion.


Already Written (Short & Bitter)

Control is a fallacy, choice is a lie
It seems that the heavens just get to decide
It's in our blood and each one of us bleeds
Dreaming just pacifies, serving that need


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nothing Stays

I've a certain view upon this overpass, adored
Spied right through this window hole that rests inside my door
Like so many lights, it flickers quickly, fleeting flame
Gone into the evening just as quickly as it came
Such is life, the taste of beauty spoils with some speed
Flowering not realized until we've gone to seed
Joy is but a temporary feeling, nothing stays
Treasured views are treasure just until you look away
I can stare for longer, but I'm certain I would crash
Substituting joy for focus, that would be too brash
Overbearing me, I've got to learn to watch the road
Pocket my temptation, free my hands to hold the load
Nothing lasts except the void, lying still in wait
I suppose then "nothing stays" means nothing is my fate


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mind Over Matt, Or...

Do people stop thought? Is that somehow a choice? / Or is slowing the pull really feeding the hoist? / What I mean is by doing the small lifting now / Am I paving the way or just fueling the plow? / Because paths can be changing as each curve is through / Respect due, Mr. Frost, I see more roads than two / I see more bids for truth in each one of my sighs / Than an hour of other men's pleadings and whys / Yet I need some demise or some quiet at least / So the static is seated and calm in its seat / But the havoc is needed, I've often decreed / And to have it, like weeding, will offer the seed / I'm learning to breathe, I'm learning to breathe / The more I repeat it the more I believe / And why make this so layered and desperately dense / Is it all so complex or am I just too tense? / If only I could choose a minute or two / When I think about nothing with nothing to do / Then perhaps all the other times might be more slow / With my mind in the back and me running the show


Saints (You Don't Have to Catch Me, But Please Help Me Up)

Never go searching for saints, for the hearty
Dragons and dreamers, and such
Pander to typical, mere mediocrity
Noteworthy begs for too much
Thirst for the poison, the small sips won't kill you
Not for the moment, at least
Taunt the cold earth, if it settles your nerves
But the worms always have the last feast
Looks cannot kill, if they did I'd be buried
I've garnered some cold, deadly stares
I keep my eyes on a perch, with no ladder
So I can look down on my cares


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...