Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ghosts In My Graveyard

Picture perfect pictures don’t exist, man
So implicit is the shit that we all swim in
I'm a maggot, I could never be a fish, man
I’ve an ending that will mirror my beginning
I could straddle all the sorrow that I want to
I could let this fucking jungle be my bed
I could rattle your tomorrows, I could haunt you
I could live inside the corners of your head
I just don’t know much of God, I never ask now
I could try and understand what that all means
I'm a field of sod, an artificial mask now
Christ in my tattoos, but not my dreams
I'm a chemist, let me understand through mixing
Bunsen burner that and test tube this
I'm a stem that just won’t flower, I need fixing
No equation that I know fills an abyss


Thursday, October 29, 2015


One word can trigger me, if I sit loaded
A slippery slope, but the snowflakes are coded
And lies are the little things we tell ourselves
The emotional trophies we store on our shelves
Some evils are needed for good to stand tall
Walking clean now, but the dirt, where I'd crawled
There's a memory there, reputation proceeds me
My “was” lives inside of my “is” and it bleeds me
My eyes are bone dry, but that's all by design
The exposure is counterproductive, I'm fine
And I'm finding that lost things are better left lost
One present is plenty... too many? What cost!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Whatever You Make It

The thing about the future is it’s never really here
The thing about the past is that there's nothing there to fear
In the present moment is the only place we are
Accept your now or change it, don't go wishing on the stars


88 mph

I find feet a burden when they drag me down this path
Leaving one uncertain with their crooked, hollow math
Future is a testament to never holding proof
Even past is fluid when you change your point of view
Eighty-three, I learned to breathe, that's when troubles start
Lost so many times since then, and coddled beating heart
Eighty-eight, the memories begin to sink their claws
Some grow, others dissipate, triumphs, falls, and flaws
Time is but a fickle lover, seeing other people
Showing so much promise, while creating so much evil
Zero-one, assured and fun, convinced I'd find my throne
Zero-three, I learned to bleed, and dress my wound alone
Zero-seven, density, or destiny, I mean
Promise for the future and for all that's in-between
Zero-eight, a cry met fate, and I'd forever melt
Twelve, the same, a different name, yet mirrored what I felt
Thirteen, mean, and fourteen too, now fifteen comes to close
Just continue adding, while subtracting all the throes
Fight the urge to see the past and ponder on your fate
Travel back and analyze? No, let the years create


Back to the Suture

Every intention of healing and thriving
Retention of feelings I need for surviving
Positive thinking is what moves me forward
“I can do anything”, trust in those four words
I’ve got tomorrow, I need nothing more
And that slice from my past, still a little bit sore
But I’ve stitched it right up, I am all finished bleeding
My grief is so hungry, there won’t be a feeding
So trust when I tell you that trust isn’t easy
But my peace of mind, it still desperately needs me
And while my mistakes may have littered my past
They’ve no place in my future, they're home in the trash


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hide it Under a Bushel, Yes (I'm Gonna Let it Die)

I've got a fire that nobody sees
For I've learned to be scared that I might burn the trees
And rather than show this hot light to the forest
I've made the decision that I'll just ignore it
I've got a story I don't even whisper
An image I won't even let myself picture
And rather than shade in the empty, white spaces
I crumple it up so no other pen traces
I've got a power I cage to keep helpless
I can't let it go, I'm just too fucking selfish
And rather than share what I've grown, as a prize
I shove it back into the earth where it dies


Monday, October 19, 2015

Death and Taxes

Someday we all will be newspaper clippings
Fading black wick and a tray of wax drippings
Someday the lot of us will be much less
With another man's home living at our address
Days will endanger us, always one closer
She's something, my poison, but no one else knows her
I filled this fire lake, fuel is my burden
Flickering, chattering, can't get a word in
Someday the soul that we’ve guarded with vigor
Will wake from our beds and be something much bigger
Like rubber band balls, like a grain on a beach
Like a sense of totality no one can reach
Someday the demons that dance in our valleys
Will synchronize efforts and join in a rally
Refinement of man is reduced to a beast
And the circling vultures will swoop for their feast


Manifest, Best in Me

Call me Magellan
I’ve dreams to discover
I’ve passion to stoke
Make my wishes my lover
King me, just know
That you won't get the crown back
A foot on the tip of the mountain
Won’t unpack
For I know more mountains await me
Unclimbed ones
And sleepers on peaks, they see nothing
Just dream some
And what good’s a dream
If you never can find it
I keep moving forward
No time to rewind it
Don’t mind this
Decisions are mine for the taking
The giants caught resting
Are mine for the waking
And shaking the tree
Just to catch what breaks free
That may satisfy some
But it never will me


Saturday, October 17, 2015


is nothing more
than the ability
to ignore
my fears.
Feelings matter not
in the face
of action.
I am strong.


Friday, October 16, 2015

Peace? I hate the word.

Some pen words of wisdom
Room for growth and lessons learned
I scrawl bitter moments
Sad supposes, bridges burned
Some see joy in sorrow
New beginnings, dark then dawn
I spy lying genies
Empty lamps and wishes gone
Some feel settled seconds
Minutes ticking, full reflections
I sense greedy hours
Days I stack, obscure collection


Monday, October 12, 2015

History is for Historians

Some days are best left forgotten
Some stories best left untold
Some news should be brand new only
Never rehashing the old
Saving the day is for heroes
I’ve got no powers at all
Live in the season I’m meant for
Never spring back to the fall
Reason with echoes, gain nothing
Hear when they first leave the tongue
Argue with fools, it's a risk though
Don’t be mistaken for one


Friday, October 9, 2015

Me Minor

I sold my soul for a song
For some rhythm
The devil, he tuned his guitar
Hell to give ‘em
A flashy performance
No ear to the lyrics
Hold me, dear old me
Unholiest spirits
Rolling this rock was worthwhile
I ‘spose
If you count the new earth
That the action exposed
If you gather the rosebuds
Collecting no moss
If the heavens would notice
And shoulder the cost
If the fire I stoked
Bore a tune from the coals
If the melody somehow
Could fill in these holes


Thursday, October 8, 2015


Happier than all my poems would suggest
I’m well aware of how well I am blessed
But my writing affords me the chance to explore
The emotions the world would prefer I ignore
And this store that I stock always gives me a deal
As it’s filled with my wonders and plenty of feels
The appeal is quite simple, an obvious gain
For these words that I keep in my heart keep me sane



These tributaries, they pump from my chest
Red-cheeked, their secrets kept close to the vest
Scattered exclusions, please nurture me not
Boiling waterways, cooled in the clots
Stuck in the twilight of heated endeavors
I’ve chilled my embarrassment, all for the better
I've wordsmithed my epitaph, down to the letter
This world means to claim me, I’m not gonna let her
This face getting redder, just me and the glass
In a room full of nothing, immovable mass
I suspect that I’m bluffing, but no confrontation
No shortage of questions, but no exclamation


Monday, October 5, 2015

Sonnet 5: Behind Crossed Stars

Behind crossed stars, where the heavens decide
Gravity and direction matter not
Plans laid for following, never implied
Bright stars, much like passion, always burn hot
Man made rules cannot be remembered here
Fate pens constellations to abide in
Hearts pump hard, begging moonlit eyes to steer
To galaxies where age falls off of skin
I might burn out long before it's noticed
Only some see the glow that isn't there
Many strain while few need little focus
Might I be a sun, planet breathe my air
Dear stars, uncross, but use your heat supplied
Two paths aligned for stars' light, side by side


Friday, October 2, 2015

Yellow Brick Load

Incessant, this ticking that sits in my ear
This intruder, this peddler of maddening fear
The believer I was left this questioning skeptic
I feel like this shit just builds up, I've no septic
And here I sit thinking, my wandering mind
With a past I explore like there's something to find
I've a future to hunt for, a seeker to be
Covered eyes, no surprise, I've a peeker in me
So I separate fingers and sneak a quick look
But the curtained up wizard is only a crook
Yes, I took the first step on a path that holds lots
I can let the wounds settle and let the blood clot
I can will all these wills and untie all these nots
I can see through the wicked old witch and her plots
I've been knotted inside and I've straightened it out
For there's no place like home, and of that I've no doubt


Thursday, October 1, 2015

And So It Was

Dear simple dreamer, whose heart fills with song
May your tones all be sweet, and your evenings be long
May the dreams that you find on your path be adored
And may no slice of heaven remain unexplored
Dear simple dreamer, whose smile's a bell
May your soft, charming jingle have stories to tell
May the sun find your face when you wake from the night
And may each of your dreams come to life in the light


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...