Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I used to speak with a resolute cadence
A purposeful stepping, a dance
I used to puddle my musings together
And splash with the shot of a glance
I gathered rings like a dignified tree would
I aged with a calm from my roots
Days have since passed when I trusted the silence
My confidence finding the chutes
I never loaded my weapon, just held it
And prayed that the sight did the trick
Barking was easy, the problem was biting
No flame, I’m all wax and clean wick
Now I hurl words at the wall with a vengeance
And hope that a few of them stick
Never methodical, formulas absent
Glass house but I can't lift the brick
Scripts get developed and routines are born
Landing is never that hard
Surviving the impact, however, can vary
And that’s why I keep up my guard


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