Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I’m between mirrors right now, paused reflection
I’m placing a limit on flawed introspection
I can't be unbiased, I can't see the facts right
I stand on my pedestal, thinking I act right
So I became somebody else to be accurate
Making this new me a promise, the pact you get
Glad you bet so much that I'd beat the spread
But I'd close up your wallet, be praying instead
I'm not right in the head, cause I write from the heart
I'm as wrong as God knew me to be from the start
For surprises are few when your God is omnipotent
Know how the movie will end, we could lip sync it
But we're still watching it, hundreds of times
A predictable man, you could finish my rhymes
All my stanzas are standard, no customization
It's heartbreak, and sadness, and fear for our nation
A pinch of the peace that I see on occasion
Rare enough that it feels like an invasion
I've cells in my soul built to battle the smiles
And feel all the pain that the world puts in piles
It's dumped at my doorstep and I get to sort it
Consume what I'm given, don’t get to export it
So basically, I get to grapple with truth
I look fate in the wand and I wait for the poof
And if destiny put me inside of this brain
Then I urge the creator to stop and explain
There's a blue print the lot of us never will know
And it states that I'm given this mind that won't slow


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