Friday, December 30, 2016

Be Careful What You Fish For (As You Wish)

Sometimes the curse is remembrance
I’m all for getting a chance to forget (I’m pro un-know)
Pictures you snapped when those negatives were positives
When the frame had not yet been burned to the ground
Back when flakes raced to our feet
Everything melts
Not one man has drawn breaths and beat time
A game of hide and seek, though we may be lost, we will be found
I once was crossed, but now I’m drowned
And the weight of the water was crushing
The days when the oughts were all gushing
I saw the future through rose colored poetry
I knew the good Lord had finally noticed me
Once we knew earth was flat
Reality is subjective, and I’ve been subjected to this slanted view for years
I’ve been reflected in tears
I’ve been inspected by fears
The cut of my jib is too dull to draw fondness
Akin to the pitch black depth of winter
Much like the nagging sting of a splinter
I stay
Until I’m removed
I have been dethroned, and made to grovel at the feet of defeat
I’ve penned my own obituary
I’ve scratched and clawed like a dog forced to make the porch his home
Home is where you make it
I’ve made my art with the meager supplies I’ve been given
And given the circumstances, I’ve done quite well
Well, had I a wish, it might be that I would forget
I embrace the struggle, but there comes a time
When every embrace must end.


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