Friday, December 16, 2016

Dig Deep, Find Nothing

Snowflakes don’t land where they started,
That's me
My past is my dearly departed,
I'm free
Perspective can dictate the reference,
The change
I try to be someone I’ve long since
I see now returns aren't accepted,
Move forward
I think the old me would deflect it,
Just more words
It's whether or not you can live it,
Life's not fair
I stare in the mirror, forgiveness
Is nowhere
I’m seated when I should be standing,
Be speaking
I'll go back to being demanding,
I'm creaking
The age in my bones has a plan,
I defy it
I used to believe I’m the man,
I would riot
The space between you and I,
Spanning a planet
This just cannot be do or die
Or, wait, can it?
Is this like the ending, a poem,
It's so measured
Dig down, so deep, ‘neath your home,
No treasure


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