Saturday, January 30, 2016


Feed my addictions, they’re starving, they’re aching
Their ill, exposed hearts, the whole lot of them breaking
I’m not of the making where hearts meet the table
Discussions get tabled, emotion is fable
Percussion exists, this old ribcage gets battered
If nobody sang along, none of it mattered
Splattered intentions were plated with pause
But the food hit the floor, with a roomful of jaws
We dispose of the remnants, we sweep it all neatly
We act as though things are in order, discretely
A meal, a communion, a body, a blood
This barstool, an ark, I’m prepared for the flood


Friday, January 29, 2016

Attention Desolate Disorder

Long live the subject change
Death be to nothingness
Second guess everything
First learn what nothing is
Seconds are vicious
When hunting in packs
Once was? Fictitious
For clocks don’t turn back
Moments of quiet
Supply is concise
Sad restorations
The old ways were nice
Call me old fashioned
I love me a used to
Make believe happy place
Smiles get fused to
The silence, a who’s who
Of demons who miss me
I pray, keep them wanting
And let them dismiss me
This song we've constructed
My heart and my brain
Verses are absent
It’s all just refrain


Monday, January 25, 2016

Historical Indifference

Always a tear that lives just ‘neath the surface
Welled up and waiting, ‘cause life isn’t perfect
Holding it in seems it's most often worth it
Except that repression regresses, so worthless
Mourning some facts that have since been disproven
Worn-in back once, just from all of the movement
Take a small sip in an effort to soothe it
But change is a given, so crease it and smooth it
This old pair of jeans that have worn me so slowly
A lesson I can’t hear, the world had to show me
A cold introduction, your words got to know me
Broken down memories, new ones can't tow me
I could atone, see, tool belt full of sorrow
Weapons I lack, silver tongue used to borrow
Yesterday's distance seems much less than far though
Closer than ever will seem these tomorrows


Saturday, January 23, 2016


Stopped giving a shit what people think when they read it
Tired of the fraudulent me, I just don’t need it
I’ll assess myself with some unbiased type of system
Fighting back my demons like an angel, I just kissed 'em
I’ve denied this message for so long, I’ve been discouraged
All the time forgetting I was born with all this courage
All the time regretting all the seconds I let perish
I could’ve saved 'em all, I could've had more time to cherish
I could’ve told myself “well done”, and not “medium rare-ish”
Equitable excellence? Instead I’ve been unfair-ish
This despair shit I've embraced has been a joke, nobody’s laughing
I've a whole story to tell, I need to stop it with the halfing
Fractions are like fractures, some small part of me is busted
But reactions can build stature if the heart of me is trusted
Locked up in this dark room, and the negatives can last
I suppose it's time I let the light in, leave behind the past


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Turn to Page 7

Choose Your Own Adventure, man, that’s basically what life is
Except that shit’s deceptive, double-sided like this knife is
Always choices present but a piece of that is luck
Because the choices that you’re given, sometimes all of 'em just suck
No surprise that some of us just never seem to give a fuck
Walls of rock and hardened places, tough to ever get unstuck
All in all I’m well adjusted, doing fine, it could be worse
I could separate from logic and believe my life is cursed
I could settle in and hunker down where lunacy ensues
Where the mad among us prosper and the stable-minded lose
I could turn to darker chapters where the hero chooses death
If you’re holding out for that you probably shouldn’t hold your breath


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Extra! Extra! Write all about it
Light the page on fire, and try to live without it
No one reads the thoughts in their simplest form
Keep em all on ice and just try to stay warm
Norms would imply there’s a way it’s supposed to be
Alternate ending where the world sees the most of me
A perfect toast would be a clink and some style
Not a word spoken, just a drink and a smile
While the smart money sits on the stupidest shit
Destiny stands up, too scared to commit
And all the wit on the earth isn’t enough to make light
What we do in the darkness should live in the night


Friday, January 15, 2016


Here, in the age of inquisitive musings,
Where shadows are simple, and daylight's confusing
Here, with this airplane I’ll fold and release,
As I second-guess every last confident crease
Here, on this stage with its daunting lights humming,
The choir dead quiet and drummers done drumming
Here, in a moment when play becomes pause,
And this old swordless stone is just sharpening claws…
    Here is where I shall succeed



Words in my mouth like the hands of a dentist
Period missing, no end to their sentence
Loose is the leaf that I’m scribbling on
Lips would sink ships, so I sit on the lawn
Harbors are places where braver men start
I’m hardly a face, I’ve no chest full of heart
Maybe I did with a younger man’s blues
Spending less time now that I’ve paid my dues
Much less enthused, much more resistant
Vocal in silence and far from insistent
Days just keep stacking like teetering towers
Waiting to fall like a cloud full of showers
Maybe a cleansing is just what I need
To recall what I planted, I’ll water the seed


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Flask is Always Meaner

Subtle sea monsters
With paper-chinned drawls
Sad Cinderella
Her tear-stricken bawls
Parsed out decisions
The jester's dull wit
Nothing to lend out
I give not a shit
Biscuits and maybes
A battered man’s toast
Clinking of glasses
Salute to the ghost
Strings with slow whispers
Unsalted goodbyes
Lesser men wonder
While better men die


Monday, January 11, 2016

Now Serving Number 1

Fear gives me something to conquer
Love gives me something to hold
Morrows are warm if I choose so
Yesterdays nothing but cold
Kingdoms I sow without reaping
Crowns that I’m too scared to wear
Royal perception so tainted
Thrones are too static to share
I’m nothing short of quite average
Hoping one day to exceed
Impact the size of a pin prick
Nightmares I’d love to see bleed
I’ve got these journeys in waiting
Magazines, jazz, and the like
I’d like to call them up, standing
One step gives birth to the hike


Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dusk traces over me
  one in the same
Pull one last sip past my lips
Setting sun passing,
  horizon would hesitate
Warmest goodbyes since eclipsed
Evening, a villain, it's dawn
  where our lust lies
Whispering kings on the hill
May I stand solemn and true
  in the daylight
Nary a drop I let spill


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...