Monday, February 29, 2016

No Lifeguard On Duty

Dive slow, there’s danger in the water
Lady of the lake, somebody's heartbroken daughter
Hell hath no fury like this H2O
Like the floor of this lake’s the only place to grow
The bubbles reach wisely like they seem to know
Take a piece of my lungs, find a place to go
Anywhere is better than this frigid bed
Than this pool of old memories, liquid dread
This convicted head, full of criminal schemes
Call the thought police, and arrest my dreams
If you ask my genes, you would know this dip
It was meant to cleanse me, to loosen the grip
But my wet intentions, they’ll dry, no doubt
And the flood I call mine will have to battle the drought



Grabs the wheel tight, no idea where he’s going
Bloodstream loaded, pharmaceuticals flowing
The cover of the night keeps him tucked in tight
But no one checked for monsters when they killed the light
Gas tank almost empty like the feeling inside
Having faith is so tough when your last hope died
So he drives so fast, way faster than he should go
Risk after risk, any second life could go
Flying through the windshield, launch like a rocket
No calls coming in, quiet phone in his pocket
But the stereo makes up for the shit he can’t say
What’s the fucking point, no one hears it anyway
He just lives through the music, lets the artists speak for him
The songs know him best, the real world just ignores him
Right now he’s in his element, his molecules unstable
Life saved him a spot at this periodic table
Periodically he wishes that nothing was the same
But there's comfort in consistency, rules to the game
Cleared his throat for a second like the Lord was gonna hear it
Car starts drifting, he recalls he needs to steer it
Maybe he should slow down, put it in park
Maybe there might be some light, if he survives the dark


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Paint Me Ignorant

Beauty in the splatter
Straightened lines don’t catch my eye
Tired of the latter
Tell the former type of lies
I’ll believe in anything
With little hesitation
Give me smoke and mirrors
And a little presentation
All the complications
That are prone to snag my feet
Stem directly from those roots
The growth I won’t repeat
I’ve been sorting through these seeds
A garden in my plans
Draw my plot by candlelight
A box of broken crayons
Glimmer in the craft you build
When built with busted tools
Simple shine spied through the eyes
Of blissful, wanting fools


Sail Towards the Horizon, or If You Go Far Enough You'll End Up Where You Started

Breathing so shallow my lungs are dry sand
Lifetime at sea, I’m afraid of dry land
I’ve come to love the waves, violence and all
Got ten thousand demons, I’ll silence them all
They usually whisper, their screams are quite grim
So I sail them out deep where I know they can’t swim
Most of us walking the plank, some choose run it
None but the breeze, so I’ve finally done it
I’ve commandeered the emotions required
I’ve hired these angels, the devils all fired
Can’t stand the heat, so I sit and perspire
To some degree pleased that I’m so overtired
The cold, glassy chasm that lies at my feet
A reflection of self I’m excited to meet
Perhaps now the shallows are prepped to believe me
My words are just mine, may the shallows receive me


Thursday, February 25, 2016


“I love you in stereo”, she whispered in my closest ear
Words that quickly spread across my mouth
Miles mixed with seconds as one song becomes another
Destination anywhere due south
I’ve got half a mind to use my whole entire soul
Just a passing urge to always care
I expect the wind to be so deeply broken-hearted
When it finishes its journey through your hair
I want every word to be as beautiful as you, my love
Phrasing like a kiss upon your cheek
Adjectives I’m sure the human mouth has never formed
Let me follow suit and never speak
Let me pray these speakers sing the song under my ribs
Pulsing heart a tune too soft to hear
I need you to drive, my love, if only for a mile
Just to satisfy my whisper-empty ear


As Long As

Never been the type to be a type
That’s why, as I sit here trying to type
I don’t know which bucket I should fall into
As long as I can land in it with you
Yeah, I’ve paid my dues in sleepless nights
Staring at this screen, and not the sights
I don’t care how dark the evening is, who needs the blue?
As long as I can gaze at it with you
Old mistakes are kept like secrets hushed
Nothing built to stand is ever rushed
Whether problems many, or we've only problems few
As long as I encounter them with you


Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Tears fill a canvas
Unlike any smile could
Heartache makes great art


Have You Heard the One About the Crybaby?

I suppose this settles it, I’ll ever be unsettled
I’ll just sell the same old story that I've always peddled
Woe is me, and all that jazz, the record player skips
Sing that tired melody and tire these old lips
I forget which step acceptance is, I think it’s last
I’d prefer the escalator, rise above the past
I’ll infer that my creator could have intervened
Then again the spoon-fed ones have not a cause to dream
This conclusion that I’ve sketched, my sharpened pencil dulled
Hunger for procrastination, stomach never full
I crave the adversity, the pressure is a need
Struggle University, a doctor I’m decreed
Now that I’ve been PhDed, I'll give this thought a shot…
Whining is a waste of time and time is all we've got


Monday, February 22, 2016


Twelve thousand fifty-four suns have since seen me
Maybe they’ve watched with great care
Maybe their eyes have been fixed on my progress
My failings all saddened their stares
Twelve thousand fifty-four blue skies have known me
(Truthfully, lots of them gray)
Maybe the man they expected is absent
A sad, stubborn waste of those days
Twelve thousand fifty-four chances to nail it
A hammer whose aim is quite poor
Fashioned a window to witness the world
When I should've just built me a door
Twelve thousand fifty-four days I've been given
For gazes to leap from the shore
I’ll focus not on the thousands behind me
Just pray that I’ll get a few more


Thursday, February 18, 2016


You’re in a nightmare, perhaps I should pinch you
I feel like a sleeping mask, forcing the issue
I'd rather wipe tears away, make me a tissue
Stuck in abandoned dreams, too thick to wish through
God, make me a hero, a cape and a smirk
Some last-minute methods to lighten the work
Heroics abundant, and all the days saved
Stomach of steel, every up and down braved
Roughest roads paved, with no mountain unscaled
Villains beware, may they all be unveiled
But you’re in a nightmare, and I am no hero
Helpless and frozen, I’m absolute zero
Sometimes a problem just cannot be solved
And the witness will never feel slightly absolved
Sometimes intentions are wasted and worthless
And heroes are quieted, saddened and wordless


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Think Twice, Speak Once

Radio silence, the weight of my wavelengths
Neurons ablaze, on a mission to save strength
Tactics handwritten, elastic, I’m stretching
Cool glassy wrapping, it all seems so catching
But don’t let it throw you, check under the surface
For all passing glances are so fucking worthless
And all of the dances that live in sleep only
They change as the memories age, they don’t know me
Acquaintance unmade, not a handshake or smile
The bills I’ve not paid, let them rot for a while
I’ll hoard all my pennies, the underdog's stand-in
A mission to give worth to those since abandoned
And those of us thinking, but silent as smoke
May our silence remember the days when we spoke


Thursday, February 11, 2016

One Twenty-Fourth

Strength, in some form, must some formula make
Pacing this floor, all my steps this floor takes
I’ll find some way to pull structure from wood
And I’ll best all these floorboards, like only I could
As cold as this stain is, my stains are much colder
The scars I’ve collected don’t fade, just grow older
The stars I’ve inspected for wishes, they're luckless
So much so, I opened my mouth to say “fuck this”
But words just escaped me, I’m prison bars filed
Tongue, don’t forsake me, hold stake in my smile
While partner in silence, you’re audibly beaming
Your place, behind teeth, and beneath all my dreaming
And when you form phrases, like vases round flowers
I’m slowly reminded the smallest hold power
So call this my hour, the finest I’ll muster
I’d love sixty minutes with mind that’s not flustered


Friday, February 5, 2016

A Place for Everything

Figures never lie, but I’m a liar, I suppose
Open-door romantic, I’ve a book that I keep closed
All my aging antics, just a syndicated show
No acceleration, all my sentiments have slowed
Pace car, not a race car, I am function over flash
May not find the winner's circle, never though will crash
Subtlety is art, call me Van Gogh with both my ears
Coded like a spy transmission, hidden like my fears
Overdone simplicity, I’ve overdosed on clues
First to cast a stone is first with glass beside his shoes
Those of us with feet exposed are stepping with great risk
If you can't afford the fashions you’ve no space to give a shit
And you can’t impose your passions, lest you be prepared to bleed
Be so mindful of your rations, make no luxury of need
Pandering reactions, just enough to feed the beast
I’ve committed no infractions, but I don’t deserve a feast


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beginning to End

The time for mountains has arrived
Peaks and climbs and such
Avalanches, ivory dives
Empty days be much
Time for mouths to be our clocks
Their whispers counting days
Sail my words from splintered docks
They drift from open bays
Time for dangled feet on waves
And toes that skip like stones
Nothing brought to waiting graves
But cold, expired bones
Time to stretch the fragile moments
Pull the hours thin
Bear the burden, own the onus
Life must now begin


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Upright, right?

I used to rhyme for a reason
Reason and rhyme are since through
Pushing this pen feels like treason
Sentiments old can’t be new
When did I show up this person?
When did excuses arrive?
Death be to absence from living
I’m calling in quite alive
Foolish men argue for hours
Wiser men waste not the time
Action awaits those who'd find it
Sloth, both a sin and a crime
I’m asking time served be counted
Tally marks carved in my walls
I’m making standing my hobby
That way I won’t mind the falls


Monday, February 1, 2016

Be I A Fool

Be I a fool
A positionless preacher
An old empty ocean
A motionless creature
Be I a fool
Just a vagrant, so longing
An unwanted gust
With a lust for belonging
Be I a fool
A mistake in the making
A heart that so grieves
But believes it's not breaking


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...