Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Saddle me with riddance, may we crumble
Dancing from the fire, let it burn
Hiding in the weeds where change is seldom
Worlds apart from worlds that never turn
Nuances are made, mistakes are noticed
No one has the right to judge the two
Hands we hold, we pray they hold us back, love
Reach at dawn, past sheets, in search of you
Constants have the task to stick together
Even when the glue would age and crack
I have birthed a thought that love would save me
Raising dreams has often brought me back
I have traveled blind where poison stalks me
Lands where creatures wait to find their prey
I’ve a mind with welcome mats and exits
Now I've built a home, and here I’ll stay


Friday, March 18, 2016

Coping Mechanism (Chase)

I'm told I should talk,
Let my feelings escape me
Lay down the armor
That currently drapes me
Just spill out the sadness,
Cups tipped at the table
You rush for a towel
As quick as you're able
The instinct, you see,
Is to tidy our messes
To keep them contained
The appearance impresses
So I’ll look to you as though
Everything's fine
I'll just try to pretend
I’m not losing my mind
I’ll just let the world think
That your death wasn’t crushing
I’ll hide all the tears
That came instantly gushing
I’ll straddle the fence
Mix the sad with the smile
I'll search for expressions,
Vanilla and mild
I'll keep myself groomed
I'll just be so together
Though my heart is bricks
I'll convince you it's feathers
I’ll try not to blame myself
All of my failings
Remove every “should have”
Away from my wailings
In fact, I won't cry
I’ll collect every tear
I'll just bottle the lot of them
Water my fear
And this garden I’m growing
Will somehow keep thriving
I'll feed on the sorrow
Somehow keep surviving
For that is the goal, right?
I’m winning the game
If I smile so loudly
And whisper your name


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rest in Peace (Because I Can't)

I take exception with endings, beginnings
Starting and stopping, the dead and the living
In absolute terms I object, absolutely
To absolute anythings, no absolute me
I’ll catch myself praying the pain has a closing
I’ll paint me a sucker for even supposing
I’ll faint at the thought that I one day will stand
That I'll welcome the water with toes in the sand
That I'll settle my mind, that I’ll mourn you completely
The hole from your passing won't fill to complete me
Refuse to accept that this new me will fade
That I'll cage up the monster this tragedy made
I've been changed in a way that I cannot avoid now
A canyon exists and I live in the void now
I sleep next to nightmares with deepest of roots
Surrounded by snipers who can't wait to shoot


Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Written Word (Life)

I chose to sound off with the sound on
Mix with your vocal tones
Something to compound on
If I’m being honest, all I hear are my thoughts anyway
All I fear are my thoughts
Every day
I struggle not with the spoken word
I can hemorrhage those token words
It’s the substantive ones…
It’s the meaning inside them that I fight to raise
I keep meaning to strive for my nights and days
And I might appraise my worth under a light that blinds you
Naming my hurt might spite or bind you
But I can’t let that stop me without letting it end me
I can't let you rip me then expect you to mend me
I can't attack my problems and expect that they’ll defend me
But I still live for truth… and then me
I have no plans to break from this life that bends me
I persevere like a mountain
I take each avalanche in stride
I drip sweat like a fountain
Never ashamed to admit that I’ve cried
I’m not perfect and I plan not to pretend so
I started life screaming and I plan not to end slow
Sometimes I don’t love life, let’s still be friends though
I may piss myself off, but we make amends though.


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...