Friday, April 29, 2016


I wear my cross again
Not He who crossed me
Round neck to chest again
Nobody lost me
I had been found
Then proceeded to hide
I believed I’d been bound
But this dude needs abide
All the puddles have dried
I’ve absorbed my mistakes
And to hold them inside
Do whatever it takes
But to take what is given
That order, no smaller
I’d label me driven
Methodical staller
First listen, known caller
I shout when I need to
I slouch, I’m much taller
Admit that I need You


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Used To Is Should Be

I’ve got this power inside me I hush
Each now and then I exhibit a rush
Each now and then I just let the beast breathe
Foam at the mouth, let it bubble and seethe
Slow, simple strides have consumed me, I’m food
Taste or be tasted, yes, brew or be brewed
Channel the younger me, change that I’d suit him
Tailored mistakes I’d unmake just to mute him
He will not silence himself, and I love that
He never would stoop to be plain, he’s above that
And I won’t complain if I earn his approval
I’ll protest my pause, it’s a cause for removal
So if I’ll be caged, let it be with good reason
And may my advice all be sage, I’m well seasoned
May I spite the steady, embrace the uneven
Original musings, a world to believe in


Monday, April 25, 2016

Sonnet 7: The Question Unborn

I wish the day didn’t start with the night
Clouded intentions and solemn, still air
I wish my wins didn’t start with the fight
Hints of invention, I’ll answer with care
I can’t respond to the question unborn
Weather the storm that stays eerily calm
Shelter my soul before sirens would warn
Putty lives everywhere ‘cept my hand’s palm
Balm to my lips that would speak were there ears
Soften the frame of the picture not snapped
Herd every wonder, the hands of my fears
Gift me with confidence, leave it unwrapped
I wish the day didn’t start with the night
Darkness must vet us to show us the light


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You'll Be Fine, I'm Sure

I’m just as mad as the Hatter, for naught
I’m headless, I’ve nowhere to settle these thoughts
Learning a lesson which cannot be taught
    Tip of the cap to my sigh
I’ve been surprised by my memory’s stay
Shadows that live in the broadest lit day
Intrusion won’t utter a please or a may
    Never a peek at the why
Words of great anguish that didn’t get said
Back when the alcohol put me to bed
Nicotine woke me to face my insteads
    I had no choice but comply
Stains on my shirt were the least of the mess
Pull was my truth, but I ached to be pressed
More was a ghost in my graveyard of less
    Quickly one drop can go dry


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Channel something different like I’m switching the show
Candle throwing fire like it’s pitching the glow
So I’m catching my woes, and I’m throwing ‘em back
But we know how it goes, if we let it off track
It’s a constant endeavor, it’s a mission you raise
It’s a never say never, it’s ambition that pays
It’s the fission of days, take it hour by hour
A magician, amazed, gotta work for the power
At the top of my tower, at the peak of my skills
But I practice every day, yeah I’m running my drills
On this land without gills, I’m a fish out of pool
So I live off my spills, and I speak outta school
I’m a geek acting cool, contradiction expressed
I’m complex as they come, and I’m simply a mess
Yeah, I’m swimming in stress, but I’m dry and I’m cracked
Yet I joke and I jest, because I need to distract


Monday, April 11, 2016


Depression is my past, like my Lumina was
Here and now is what I need, ‘cause there’s gloom in a was
Give me room to get buzzed, I’m just high off my words
I’m just so far above it, I could land on a bird
I don’t try to be heard, I don’t need to be seen
I don’t do it for attention, I don’t grow to be green
I don’t know what you mean, I’m just taking my pill
Lyrical medication, I don’t need to sit still
I don’t have to be liked, I’m just staying alive
I don’t need affirmation, I just need to survive
Diving in, even if the water’s frigid as fuck
Sitting in this quick sand, even if I get stuck
I can breathe without lungs, I can dream without sleep
I can herd every thought, I don’t need any sheep
I can write shit like this, I don’t need to be deep
I won’t cry on these pages, no read it and weep


Engineered Confidence

I’m like a martyr, minus death, without a cause
I love to barter, love the flapping of my jaws
I’m trained to lecture when it’s time to set them straight
So high and mighty, yet so low and second rate
I bark like leashes hold my neck on circle’s edge
I stand with toes curled on this high deciding ledge
I rest in motion, it’s the stillness that I fear
Drive my devotion, I’m just not allowed to steer
An hour’s minutes, dated treasures, like a dream
Sometimes our whispers matter more than any scream
My pen is noisy if you care to quiet down
I’ll let you king me, but I’ll never wear the crown


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Take Two (Or Three)

Thicken my skin just a bit, not a puncture
Pleasure and pain on my path, what conjuncture
Shadow me, knowing the sun waits to meet me
Follow me, follow me, fate to repeat me
Hate to speak freely when freedom’s not chosen
When saints have the gall to act like they don’t know sin
When power’s a pyramid, mass at the base
And we’re all at the mercy of burden and haste
I’d hate to withdraw from a race I can’t enter
Or get left behind when I write from my center
I’d hate even more to be less than I’m meant to
‘Cause less isn’t more when the rest of your rent’s due
When you feel so taxed like the days have all spent you
When heaven’s a story they tell to undent you
When truth is a secret that that they’ll never tell you
When you suspend hope hoping that they’ll expel you
That’s when the passion we hold gets held tighter
When pacifist logic gives way to the fighter
When battles are battled for self-preservation
When we get pushed forward by pure indignation
And all of that might that we muster, it wins
So the endings of old allow new to begin


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Write Like Nobody's Reading

Pardon the past that I part from
Stop where I stalled, just need somewhere to start from
One place as good as the next is, no matter
The universe wants me to be here, so flattered
Bruise me, so battered, I’m purple and poisoned
Predators know where I sleep, make no noises
I found this voice, and you thought I was voiceless
Chosen for this, when God picks you you’re choiceless
Unless you deny what your destiny makes you
Carry you with me, I’ve nowhere to take you
Worst case scenario, we’ll go together
Saved by the skin of my hide, I’m like leather
But tougher than cow skin, I’m shielded, I’ve armor
Stand up to evil, to snakes, I’m a charmer
And charming, a move that I sweat not to make
But to stand still is torture, a bet I’ll not take


My Heart's Mouth

Lift my heart up like a choir on Sunday
Know that the pain will erase itself one day
Discouraged like my alarm’s blaring on Monday
Perspective makes saddest of sun rays to fun days
And I choose to sit where the view is the sweetest
I’m drowning in joy, but I’m no damn elitist
I’ve been to bottom of barrels, no ladder
I climbed my way out, now I try not to shatter
I shine like I mean it, but really I’m glass
Fragile as seconds, I don’t mean to last
So if I’m gonna fade then it’s best if I’m loud now
If I’ll die alone then I’ll shout to the crowd now
If I’ll be forgotten, then I must remember
That I want no group who’d have me as a member
The proudest among us are those I don’t envy
It’s God, then my family, then everyone, then me
And I’ve never been me, the me that I can be
Thank God my God loves me with cause to condemn me
So please don’t befriend me without full disclosure
I’m kept like a secret, but lost like composure
And maybe that’s nonsense to you, but I get it
I’ve tattooed my purpose so I don’t forget it
The ink on my body is there as a map
And it frees me from life, unavoidable trap


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One Prayer Short

Tragic shit always just blurs what I’m seeing
Depression, a demon who lives in my being
As freeing as life can be, shackles are buried deep
Creep to the surface, at night, when I try to sleep
Snoozing, a luxury, I’m flying coach, it seems
Maybe I’m blessed I’m awake, I don’t want those dreams
Nightmare or fantasy, both of them terrible
Tell me a tale to reverse this, some parable
Something with meaning, chock-full of direction
With passion and spirit, with fire, inflection
Just motivate, move me, I’m stagnant as fuck right now
If I’ve nine lives, my friend, then I’m on nine right meow
Phrasing too simple? Well, I’m in a simple mood
Happiness, smooth? Well then this frown is pimple food
Nothing is perfect, I get it, I’m blessed
But that logic does nothing to soothe the depressed


Monday, April 4, 2016


Pen heating up again, past tense the chill
Shoulders tightened up, I’m so past tense, I chilled
Heat, freeze, repeat, I’m in last since I spilled
Guts on the table, caught red-handed, killed
Filled with the power to just pour the weakness out
Taste what I devour, so thrilled to kill doubt
Sprout what you water, so cry close to home
Reap what you sow, so stitch what you know
Rhyme a little loosely, pronounce how you please
Ten percent content, ninety on your knees
God's not a critic, bonus points if you mean it
Keep my works cryptic, just decide it if you need it
Plant a seed in me and I’ll wait for it to rain
Cause I get what I need when I need it (when I’m drained)


Friday, April 1, 2016

At My Peak

Moons over mountains, yeah call that a metaphor
If I'm to slow down then what's the gas pedal for?
I'll reach my heights in the evening and find a glow
Peak while you sleep, half a mind to rewind my woes
I'm far behind if you count where I’m meant to go
I’ll do the math though subtract time I've left to grow
So much potential to claim my initiative
Take what I need, save it up, have a stash to give
Determination, a nation of power, willed
Time doing nothing, enough of those hours killed
Still, I can't spill what I’m meant to consume
I've a thirst I need slake, the extent of my tomb
Where I'll rest when the seconds I have have none left
When I can't steal a moment or two, I've no theft
My whole palette is cleft, so my paints choose their sides
Black and white versus colorful, sunshine just hides
And these gray gloomy skies that have covered my days
Disappear when the sun sets, the moon has its ways
In the wee hours, quiet, I’ve time to stand tall
I'm a mountain, I'm moonlit, the brightest of all


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...