Monday, May 23, 2016


I know the details
I fight to recall them
Find them in pieces
I work to install them
Face to the moon
And our fevers to fry
Spaces awakened
And reason to fly
I know the little things
Small and important
A foreigner here
My emotions imported
My name escapes me
Those facts fall apart
But never the memories
Made for the heart


Admission Is Free, You Pay To Get Out

Stared at the sky, my eyes starving, unworthy
Stars all but died, let the darkness inter me
Wish that it were me, with paint for this canvas
A splash of bright hope for this cold, empty sadness
Stash my light, cope with this old tempting blackness
Flash of night, roped off and hung from this madness
Glad that I have this, my warm settled soul
So the bad news won't meld to my unfettered goal
And I’ve lettered my toll, yes I’ve numbered my dues
In the hopes that if sorted I’ll manage my blues
I've accepted the fact that the tinge of my pixel
Is darker than most, my depression is thick still
I blow out the wick, spill the wax to the wall
And I watch it latch on like I leach to the fall
Like I smell the despair of the leaves letting go
Like the spell of the air always thieves what I know
For I'm tied to my senses, a train on the tracks
But it takes just a penny to face me with facts
It’s a simple investment, a small subtle payment
I’ve two empty pockets, two feet on the pavement
Two eyes in the sky, they’re so fixed and so broken
My toll booth is open, hand out for a token


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Water's Edge

I’ve this spot, here, near the water
It's mine
Deep contemplation, elation
My mind
Physically present, my heart…
On the breeze
Same, whether open, or still…
In the freeze
I’ve this spot, here, where I sit
And stand tall
Free to feel worried, or nothing
At all
Free to be locked to my desolate
Free to be me, and be free from
My chains


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Too Much Sunshine

Overeducated, underpaid, I’m no anomaly
Check to check, the product of a top-heavy economy
Saving is a pipe dream when the pipes are getting closed
And the light bill isn’t paid, and your shirts are full of holes
When the miles on your tires leave the wires all exposed
But you have no cash for gas, it doesn’t matter, I suppose
And the stash you finally saved was meant to pay for brighter days
But that stash you finally saved went to your doc’s 401k
And the shelves you stock today need to be stocked ‘fore your get paid
Man, the clock cannot be swayed, man, the bricks can’t be unlaid
Man, the shade under the trees is just for folks who get to sit
But the roots I planted years ago decayed more than a bit
So the same sun that the masses have a ball beneath today
Is the source of every blister, one man's have is someone's take



I wish you knew ‘bout this war, but not that the demons were yours
Don’t mean I’m special or better, but I might've earned an award
I might’ve healed up my sores, I might've actually soared
I might have sharpened my sword
I might be constantly bored
Can't be ignored
I took a shot, so who gives a fuck if I actually scored?
I might have questioned the Lord, I tried to sever the cord
Wrote a check I can’t afford
Turns out my stomach can’t handle this drink that I’ve poured
Rage I have stored
Cage with no door
I gave a whimper before
Now I’m a lion, I’m dyin’ if I cannot roar.


Monday, May 16, 2016

A Moment In Time

Nobody gives a fuck, nobody cares
Handful of cards and I haven’t a pair
Pointless endeavor, to feel it and share
Point at forever, let triggers be scared
Startle me, pull me, and pray for the best
Start in to lulling me, close to the vest
Bullshit, I’m full of thee, never a rest
Show ‘em I’m settled, a predator’s nest
Let ‘em invest in the stock that I’m selling
Insider trading, I’m ripe for rebelling
Listen, your honor, it gets more compelling
Evidence speaks, let my scars do the telling
Yelling does nothing but water the noise
Lost all my dignity, can’t find my poise
Can’t find the value in life’s little joys
Hang with my demons, just one of the boys
Oh, so demeaning, but each of us slip
Sit here in coach, like I’m set for the trip
As far as my radar, it’s more than a blip
Grave indecision, all pages get RIPped


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Speak Like I'm Spoken To

I bury panic
I bury my spokes
Flat as a tire
My tired old jokes
Off-key excursions
Melodic to none
Woodwinds and brass tacks
And unpardoned puns
Play when it's work time
My nine to five curse
Topic to topic
Each whisper is worse
Focused and settled
Some other man’s view
Prayers sound the purest
From desperate man’s pew
Destiny's window
A long tumble down
Shards make nice ribbons
Grins make great frowns
Absence of something
Means something was there
Mouth like a cannon
A spark and a dare


Thursday, May 5, 2016


I know the wild
It pulls at the seed of me
Begs that I might grow
In the abandoned churches of my village
That's where I settle in for old truths
That's where I beg ancient tales (tails) to wag
To tell themselves
I’m no more a story than I am a song
A chapter or a verse
One in the same
Man made, all of us
Numbered constructs meant to stand tall like they’ve nothing better to do
I know the wild
It’s simply been a while since last we spoke
Paths uncrossed for many miles
Dirt roads smugly wiped clean
Old dreams that live just beneath my eyelids
Taken from me at the first sliver of light


Sunday, May 1, 2016


Sometimes I’m just the far end of the table
Deep in a room for the ages
Settled in knots, not a root, not a fable
Wishing I’d been made to pages
Framed, I’d choose label it, some say arranged
Edge me not, push nor a pull
I’ve this old place, for the still and deranged
In a room that is never too full
Comings and goings, the tracks and the dust
Sun would splash far from my shine
Pale thirsty windows, all shadowed, I trust
For no reason, aside from they’re mine
Watershed moments creep under the door's glow
They fall from their faucet with haste
Never the power have I to explore though
And never a tongue, might I taste


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...