Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Speaking of metaphors, I am a simile
I’m like a cup, and I’m filled to the brim of me
Sing all your hymns to me, pray if you must
Do you butter my bread, or just slice off the crust?
Do you water the garden, or just pick the weeds?
Are you planning to harvest without planting seeds?
Do you love every layer? Both kind and self-serving?
Or loathe every bit that you label unnerving?
Can you stomach poison and still clean your plate?
Can you argue your heart then concede the debate?
Do you have what it takes to take pride in your failings?
Be here for laughter and stay for the wailing?
Are you just the type who will buff every scratch?
Or do you see the dents and your soul as a match?
Can you sift through the river with cold, tired hand?
And be satisfied goldless, with palms full of sand?


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In Draft Form

Pull for protagonists, push for the thieves
Shove your young hearts right back up your young sleeves
Plaster the holes that the decades will leave
And just pray that the cracks never need to be grieved
Not the death of the picket, the fence, love, the cell
The death of security, masking the hell
Growth of obscurity, tasking my quell
Kill for some silence, to unring the bell
But I'd spill my heart's patience, in buckets if must be
To fill that which ails me, to get love to trust me
I'm breaking, these hammers keep trying to bust me
The shine, it still lives, I just need life to dust me


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Welcome Back

Prophecies pooled at the foot of my rival
Move to the sunset, go west, call me Fievel
Escaping my destiny, jailed by my dreams
I’ve retired my hopes, and hushed all of my screams
At least… that’s my life now… but, tomorrow is coming
And I could return to my rhyming and strumming
I could hold microphones, whisper my secrets
Find strength in the sharing of every last weakness
Discreet and so silent breeds nothing but nothing
I’m not really playing if I’m only bluffing
If I've not the guts to just spill my intestines
Up all night penning, I won't get my rest in
I’ll lower the dam and I’ll flood all these pages
I’ll stand with my chin up on each of life's stages
Release my infractions and hold tight to trust
For peace lives in passion and pride is a must


Thursday, June 23, 2016


Heart beating strange, like one chamber is leaning
I'm Pisa, this piece of me sleeps, never dreaming
This chunk of my soul that I keep locked away
Feels quite under attack, never topping the fray
I just want some perfection, a small slice would do
I'm referring to me, I’d take almost from you
I would kill for my heart to feel almost alive
For I’m almost three stars, let me almost be five
Let me almost be live, just five second delays
Let me pause for a moment and mean what I say
It’s my mouth, don’t you see, with a mind of its own
So tenacious, my tendencies, almost in stone
It’s been known, if you follow the path that I've walked
If you trace every step, if you line them in chalk
That I almost was close to almost trusting fate
Just a tower so tall, standing almost so straight


Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Life tastes like iron
This punch in the nose
Blood red reality
Old, scarlet prose
Color my love
As I sink in your sea
Shielded from sunshine
This darkness in me
Outward appearance
Means nothing with depth
Oxygen pains me
I’m holding my breath
Hesitance drains me
No point in my pause
Cold, rounded objects
Please sharpen my claws
Flesh goes unbroken
Yet dead to the touch
Burdened by little
But carrying much
Such is the sensible dawn
It still rises
Bathe in consistency
Fear not surprises


Monday, June 13, 2016

Have A Drink

40 oceans could be stacked, frustrations deeper yet
Shallow pools of discontent and rivers of regret
Microscope these samples old, and pen these old results
Teenage scars and wishing stars forgotten by adults
I could age the memories, ferment forgotten days
Spend my time on rounds of drinks and make my minutes pay
Simplify this deadly potion, cyanide removed
Choke down my hypothesis, I've nothing left to prove


Friday, June 10, 2016

Dashboard Digressional

Bound be I, homeward, an effort in failure
An unholy testament, human behavior
For home is acceptance that this is you settled
That gone are your moments of lost and disheveled
A man and his mettle, a steel laden now
Just as much heaven as earth will allow
Just as much beating as one heart can stand
I'm a pulsating muscle, I'm high in demand
And as low as I stoop, it's intended to climb me
I'm half of a couplet, I need you to rhyme me
I'll beg you to find me, this floor kissing knees
I hide in my petulance, blame this disease
Faulting the faultless is no way to find it
The empty demand with no sanction behind it
I’ve threatened me often and hoped that I'd buy it
The often accused can forget to deny it


Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Words sound ridiculous, minus the music
The tune in my brain is a myth and I'll prove it
So I’m a cappella, no meter for guidance
For doubt rings the loudest when all else is silent
I'm just an appliance, a predestined purpose
I print my intentions, I’m too young for cursive
I’m too old for nervous, assured and outspoken
I stay in one piece, even days when I’m broken
And lately those days, they outnumber the others
The days when my spirit stays under the covers
Uncharacteristic, but I’m not a character
This is real life, I'm alive, no inheritor
Load up your derringer, aim for the moon
A vicarious something that I used to do
A gregarious exercise, ‘cept it's just you
For I've holstered my pistol, it cools in my shoe


Friday, June 3, 2016

Miss Me, Milwaukee

Miss me, Milwaukee
Unsettle your sights
Harken your heart back
To warm starless nights
Never a worry
For skies less a glow
Paths all unlit
I had nowhere to go
Miss me, Milwaukee
The time capsuled cares
Wear through my worries
I carried no spares
Pardon the pleas that I voiced
Washed away
I miss you, Milwaukee
My simpler days


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...