Wednesday, August 24, 2016

(Un)Wanted Guest

You’re just as bitter as childhood tears
Slightly less taken than turns
Worse than time wanting, or needing so deeply
Is time you spend nursing old burns
You're this anomaly, carnal obsession
A watched pot that boils with speed
You're this old wound that has healed itself years ago
Somehow you find time to bleed
You’re like a storm cloud I keep for my droughts
A pardon I keep for my crimes
Dust I keep handy to dirty my thoughts up
I’m nothing if not with some grime



It’s not nostalgia, it's that I was perfect
Don't polish your memories, not sure it's worth it
A crystal clear poison you can’t wait to swallow
A night set aside for an old fashioned wallow
You see all these moments that aren't really there
In a manner of speaking, you speak to the air
And you walk around shoulder exposed to the sky
Just to show where you carry your weight and your whys
Where your hair falls like old expectations you've lost
Where the unfunded mandates have too great a cost
You're so desperate to separate something so tangled
Enmeshed for no purpose except that it's stable
But quiet ain't always a reason to whisper
Humidity hibernates, air growing crisper
So winter is coming, the den full of food
You're already asleep, one less thing you've to do


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


One of these days I'll just vent
Rip free the filter, be full of extent
One of these days I'll let loose
Quit this “duck, duck” shit, and call out the goose
I expect one day I'll cave
Try to be me and try not to behave
I expect one day I'll stand
Crawling just shames me, my dirt-covered hands
One of these days I'll explode
That, or my steely resolve will corrode
One of these days will be years
Wrinkles and gray hairs will somehow appear
I expect one day I'll fall
All of my passions, desires, they stall
I expect one day I'll die
I’ll either be hero, or regular guy


Saturday, August 20, 2016

The House Always Wins

Some days are dark, like a glass full of Guinness
Snug, like a pop song that’s pushing 5 minutes
Faint, like a shock that the body can’t handle
Weak, like the flame of the tiniest candle
I pray for expansive, for strong, shiny moments
For nothing tastes quite like a meal when you’ve grown it
I’ll loan it, this sentiment, take it and run
I’m too tired to chase you, I’m facing the sun
I’m just soaking in heat, for I know the cold’s coming
I’ve still got that song in my heart, I’m still humming
I’m worried though, hunger might fall to time’s diet
More time means more chance I’ll forget and go quiet


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Do As I Mean, Not As I Prove

Reason I claim not
That which is mine? Well, mine has
Made no claim to me


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Ever Restless Brain

Might I one day calm?
Surface flat, where friction dies
Spinning coins, please land


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

No One Can Help You But You

Look on my face, mix of hope and confusion
An old senior picture, it's all an illusion
Convinced that this moment will shine on for ages
But bound to a shoebox with browning old pages
I’m driving past landmarks that taunt my resolve
I once lived in the moment, a puzzle unsolved
But the past is relentless, it yearns to be present
A prince to a pauper, a king to a peasant
It seems I’ve confirmed what I’ve known all along
That my wealth is not coin, it's in joy, or a song
It’s in peace in the moment, the who not the what
It’s in trusting your heart, minus ifs, ands, or buts
It’s in telling old lies, “sorry, I have outgrown thee”
Excuses are currency spent by the lonely


The Heart Can't Love What The Heart Can't Be

I soak in sad songs as if it were purposed
It feels like an accident I did on purpose
It's well worth my time, if my time were all worthless
I'd love to emerge, but I’m not sure it’s worth it
It's perfectly perfect, it's settled, I’m floating
I'm simply a shell, I don’t mean to be gloating
But it's quite the breakthrough, I’m short on emoting
I'll lower my hand, you could call that de-voting
Unvoting? Rescinding? It makes not a difference
I’m making up words, it's all nonsense and gibberish
It's simply a way to reframe this indifference
To mask empty spaces and fill in with inference
To try and be clever, like that solves the issue
To know that I’ve stopped, but pretend I’ve continued
To sniffle so much that I don't need a tissue
To make like I’ve just one objective: contribute


Knitted In Darkness, Unraveled In Light

Days all the same, like I’m stuck on repeat
Watching the same movie from the same seat
Sad like a violin, all minor chords
The sunlight and flowers have not my accord
Morning the worst ‘cause I wake with my wishes
Fresh on my heart ‘til my brain grows suspicious
Minutes get messy, a band aid at best
Stop not the bleeding, they aid not my rest
Struggle for air like my breaths never matter
My lungs are both glass, and they're both bout to shatter
But maybe I’ll make it, the end of the day
So I wake the next morning and battle the same


Monday, August 15, 2016


Autumn, you Onceler, you once were my season
You trickster, you Benedict Arnold, such treason
Way back when my confidence oozed from my pores
And smiles loomed large, way too large to ignore
When my bones carried only the weight you could see
And my passion erupted, a town of debris
When the leaves journeyed downward, my tears never did
Had the strength of a man, and the joy of a kid
When I wanted for nothing but winter to wait
Now I beg for the snowfall, the coldest of fates
The smell that once signaled the rise of my soul
Now means trouble is brewing, retreat to my hole
I’ve no rosebuds to gather, no sniff of the sweetness
No energy spent, except spent to defeat this
The hopes that I hold for a fair, peaceful fall
Well I left them in summer, where start turns to stall


Friday, August 12, 2016

That Which Glitters

Settle me slowly in imperfect passion
Feed those seeds soaking in yesterday’s rations
Pardons await the most metered regrettors
I’m worse for the wear, but I plan to get better
My options unfettered, my plans neatly laid
The cockpit is closing, the prayers have been prayed
My old lenses' focus has blurred, realign me
I need to recall the emotion that binds me
I’m searching, I’ll find me, I’ve something to hunt for
If I had some sense I could stop at my front door
The journey means nothing if I never take it
I'm made for much more if I let myself make it
This habit, I’ll break it, I’ll shatter what ails me
I’ve blood in my heart, so it never will fail me
You mountains, I’ll scale thee, just think of the view
When I paint my own sunset, the richest of hues


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Revisionist Mystery

Don’t trust my memories, versions keep mounting
I’m painting by number, I’m so bad at counting
I wake every morning, the same fucking dream
I live off the sunshine, I taste not a beam
And I swallow the scream that I'd love to expel
But it scrapes my poor throat, like a seed in its shell
So I unring the bell, yes, I reset my clapper
Repackage my mood, then I unwrap the wrapper
Quite plainly expressed, I suppress my concerns
Then I punch all my bruises, ignite all my burns
And I latch all my yearns and I swallow the key
I’ve got plenty of space in this old, hollow me


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...