Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Swim in stagnation, but label it wanting
Refuge is refuge, no matter how haunting
A pessimist’s pacing is just like the optimist’s
Story for story’s sake, frivolous novelist
Glory for glory’s sake, self-adulation
Action is action, despite hesitation
So courting a fraction means less than a soul
And this piece of my peace is a piece of the whole
I would rather resent me, but I’ll do some paving
I’ll travel the road that’s in need of some saving
I’ll pass my desires through needle’s wee eye
This old camel’s not moving, yet always we try
The pursuit of perfection, implausible pauses
I’m stealing these steps and I’m standing on causes
These crutches are fine for a moment in time
But a dance with dependency shortens your prime
I would like to believe that the best days are waiting
I’ve all the ingredients, minus the plating
I’ve all that I need, except thinking I don’t
That means I’ve enough will to erase all my won’t


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