Saturday, January 28, 2017

Words of Prey

Nobody waters their weeds, expect me.
I seem to sing their praises like I’m showering in an otherwise empty house.
In a world full of slippery fingers, I hold a candle to all of your maybes.
I sink your truths like a stone.
I'm a teetotaler sipping life’s more intoxicating parts.
I shouldn't though.
The banks of every river mean to taunt me like a playground bully.
They tell me I’ll do great things.
They’re helium. Hot air.
Aspirations pluck me from the earth’s bed and make for the clouds….
Only for my waking moment to arrive as I plummet back from whence I came.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

My, How The Tables Have Yearned

Have a look back at the breeze you could've used, love.
Bartering always beats waiting.
At least it does in the book I wrote.
Mark your waters, still, and don’t run as deep as you had once hoped.
Watch each dawn shatter, two eyes short of a pair (of pairs).
Work through old puzzles with lost pieces.
And stare.
And stare.
Never was a stronger prison built than the one in which you pretend to live.
(If you can call it living at all.)
Ever soaked, settled next to your wall.
Where you once had the gall to be wanted, you now spend your days wanting the gall.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Chasing, Facing

Old restitutions I’ve yet to assume
For my unfettered appetite courted its doom
So I tossed out the furniture, lived in this room
            Be a broom, love, and gather my gloom
Sips from a glass where the emptiness won
Like a trip to a memory, circle the sun
All my statements are loaded, but never this gun
            Never run, love, lest you’ve been outdone
Prying away the attached institutions
And leave what you’ve loved, straight to hell with inclusion
My sleight of the heart, I believe in illusions
            Intrusions ask not, love, confusion
Sand turns to glass, I can see through your stone
Thread and the fabric are one once they’re sewn
May we love every comfort, but lust the unknown
            I condone, love, that life would postpone

Violons, Heartstrings, and Such (Foolishness Goes Where it Grows)

Memories fit for a king
Present day peasant instead
Promised a pause in the scene
Stopped and left starving, unfed
Simple revisionist view
I kept the truth like tattoos
Tell all your tales if it helps
Mine told to bottles of booze
I list to check every box
Ending for sake of an end
Clenching the facts in a fist
Letters you’re too scared to send
Some pregnant pauses birth not
Nothing was born of your break
Never should give what I gave
Found out you just meant to take


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Like I Always Bray

All my best lines are behind me, it’s over
The future has passed, past my prime
Lady luck here, but it's just ‘cause I drove her
I’m kind and she needed a ride
These are adventures, as my book now spells them
It's glory as my story speaks
None know my triumphs, ‘cause nobody tells them
The valleys outnumber the peaks
Age is a serpent, it waits in the thickness
So still, but it never does rest
Strikes in the moment, just spreading its sickness
And slowing the bravest man’s quest


Pencils Down

So sanctimonious, heartstrings be damned
All but harmonious, moving parts jammed
Settled in graveyards, not peacefully resting
Firm moral compass just ripe for the besting
Testing the waters, test taking is easy
It’s work in-between that can’t seem to appease me
The truth? I’m exhausted, I’ve spent what I’ve earned
And I lessen each lesson I shouldn’t unlearn


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Of Life

Pre-modern methods, exemplary hopes
Update, re-antiquate, manage to cope
Simplify language, as if it’s that easy
Like spinning in circles does not make me queasy
Pretend that the boat is not rocking, we’ve docked it
Like I am not sleepwalking, myths I’ve concocted
The eyes of a stranger, the foot of a mountain
The fact that my bubbler’s some other man’s fountain
Perspective is tied to the nest where I’m sleeping
I’ve given my whole self away for safekeeping
Results are quite sweeping, a floor with a shine
A clinical answer to questions benign
I keep posting these signs, the reward just grows greater
And yesterday’s nows are now gone, with no laters

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I've been an ocean, but I've learned to float
I once was my problems, but now I'm a boat
Life as the salt in the water, it's draining
I'm solid, no liquid, I’m done with complaining
I’ve no need for flying, or swimming, it seems
For I live here, content, I exist in between
I’ve a path, as I choose it, I’m charting my course
I will let the sun shine, it’s a lesson well forced


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Try As I Might Not

Back here, like I never left
Settled like an hour glass
Found just like a promise kept
Standing on familiar grass
Stone’s throw
            Groan slow
Tide rolls whether you would welcome it
Fell swoop
            Quelled droop
I know more than I would ever say

Whispers have a way with me
Breath that falls upon my neck
Specks of light I’ll never be
Memories in old cassette decks

Missing days
            Never pays
Worry is the rope that binds us
Whether we
            Ever see
Left to those above my pay grade

And I can’t
                        That, which is changed…
                                    Is changed.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Lake

I’m just a winter lake, season not chosen
My waves keep on moving, too big to be frozen
The size of your catch fueled by how much bait goes in
The water looks cold, you should just dip my prose in
I’ve nosed into much, I just spy on the shore
But I never see lovers that much anymore
I’ve got depths of my own that I mean to explore
I've a soul full of shipwreck and legend and lore
It all rests on my floor, but I haven’t a wall
Not a ladder to climb, not a neighbor to call
Not a perch, but it's fine, I would rather not fall
I just pray for a freeze, to feel nothing at all


Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Swim in stagnation, but label it wanting
Refuge is refuge, no matter how haunting
A pessimist’s pacing is just like the optimist’s
Story for story’s sake, frivolous novelist
Glory for glory’s sake, self-adulation
Action is action, despite hesitation
So courting a fraction means less than a soul
And this piece of my peace is a piece of the whole
I would rather resent me, but I’ll do some paving
I’ll travel the road that’s in need of some saving
I’ll pass my desires through needle’s wee eye
This old camel’s not moving, yet always we try
The pursuit of perfection, implausible pauses
I’m stealing these steps and I’m standing on causes
These crutches are fine for a moment in time
But a dance with dependency shortens your prime
I would like to believe that the best days are waiting
I’ve all the ingredients, minus the plating
I’ve all that I need, except thinking I don’t
That means I’ve enough will to erase all my won’t


Ready, Set, Grow

My heart sings of destiny, of shadows bathed in light Paths that form before my feet, and waiting out the night Journeys made for chosen...